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Hi all

With the amount of items I list I have inadvertently fallen foul of eBay policies through ignorance.Phrases which I used in my listings and titles, were found to be a big No No, and trust me there is nothing worse that having spent time on a fabulous listing to suddenly see it ended by eBay, and a slap on the knuckles.

So why worry I hear you ask, just relist it -firstly DON'T.  If you have a listing removed it is vitally important you do not just relist it without changing it -as repeated offenders are treated much more harshly, even if it is accidentally (i.e relisting a NPB item for instance)

What you can not use

"Nearly New, As New, Like New........ etc"
You may think that this is accurate but when buyers search for NEW items, they do not want to see as new, they are looking for Brand New - instead use VGC, IMMACULATE, FAB etc and in the body of the listing explain it has only been worn once, and it is as new.

"Check in   My Shop and other auctions for more Ringspun, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace etc"
Imagine you wanted a Versace jacket, and another High Street Value brand popped up, you wouldn't be happy, it is the same for buyers.

You can not solicit for cash on your auctions
Saying cash can be sent at your own risk etc, is not allowed, cash on collection is ok, but sending cash through the mail is a big no no.

As others come to me I will put them up.

Thanks for reading, please take time to vote so I know if these are useful, and if you want to vote No, please do let me know why and then I can amend it

with thanks and happy shopping
Suz xx

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