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The three Arado Ar234’s from Takara’s Famous Airplanes of the World Series 2 are stunning models. They should be a delight to assemble. However, do not follow the apparent assembly sequence shown on the printed sheet! Use the following sequence . . . unless you have watch-makers fingers and enjoy hassle:


a) Assemble fuselage halves (A1 and A2)

b) Put main wheels on port strut (D10 & D12) - assembly ‘1a’. Repeat for starboard (D10 & D13)

c) Insert assembled port and starboard wheels (assembly ‘1a’) into rear slot in lower fuselage recessed wheel housing.

d) Insert port and starboard wheel covers (D7 & D8) into forward slots in fuselage recessed wheel housing.  Tweezers are really helpful with this.

e) Assemble bomb tail to bomb body, then insert assembled bomb into receiving holes in fuselage underbelly.  Don't push the assembled bomb fully home or the tail bends away from the body!


a) Check the fit of the main wing to the assembled fuselage. When satisfied, remove again and install wing mounts as follows:

b) Install upper observation port (E1 - from the clear plastic sprue) into the central underside of the wing - it requires firm pressure to push home. Only the silver port cover roundel should be visible on the upper wing; the rest of the plastic on this piece is for mounting only.

c) Jet Engines: Insert part E2 (painted black teardrop from the clear sprue) into the rear of the port jet engine halves (C5, C6) and bring the 2 jet engine halves together, thereby securing E2 projecting from the rear assembly.

d) Install front intake nozzle - a very firm push fit -- completing assembly ‘2c’. Repeat assembly for starboard motor. Do not instal underjet fuel pods until after you have installed the assembled jet engines onto the wing!

e) Install jet engines (assembly ‘2c’) onto wings. These need to be held firmly till the adhesive sets, or they tend to spring up at the back.

f) Under Wing Pods : Remove port pod (D3) from sprue. At the front is a little peg, designed to receive the cover plate. Remove cover plate (D11) from sprue, lay face down on a flat surface, and touch with liquid Polly. Align wing pod D3 over cover D11 and firmly push fit. Install assembly into outer under-wing holes. Repeat for starboard side.

g) Install the fuel tanks D1 & D2 to the underside of the jet engines. These line up and fit nicely, but adhesive is advisable.

h) Finally, attach assembled wing to fuselage.


a) Install bomb sight (D15) into front of fuselage.  This simply clips on, but adhesive is strongly recommended or it will dislodge when you instal the nose canopy.

b) Install main nose canopy onto fuselage. Firm pressure is required; it is so firm a fit that adhesive is not essential.

c) Install small fin (D16) to upper front canopy. Assembly tip: leave a long tail of sprue on the top of this tiny part to allow ease of handling. After fin is installed and when the cement has dried, snip off the excess length of sprue.

d) Install front wheel doors (C8).

e) Install front wheel (D14).

4) Finally, install rear wings (A3 & A4), ensuring fully horizontal alignment.

Mehusla, 1:144 Direct.

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