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Hi all,

I am very new to e bay. However, I have come to this point when i realized that just to put up an ad is not enough to get your products sold. There are some tips and tricks that i used and got a very good result. I had a set of novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and put it up on e bay to sell. It was on the 7th day on the auction for that product, when i felt i should do something to get people to my page.

Here is how i got traffic to my e bay item:

1. Take a no of good pictures of the product. Pictures has to be good, if its something hazy or not clear enough people will not go for it.
2. Make a short clip or slide show video about your product. You do not need to describe the product so even if there is no audio input it should be okay as long as pictures are good. Making video with pictures is very easy, just google it.
3. You can use your own name or trademark and attach it to your video to establish its uniqueness.
4. Put the video on different sites like youtube, yahoo or others.

Key things to remember:

1. Give elaborate and detailed description of your product.
2. In your video add the url or the webpage link of your items on e bay.
3. It is better if you mention your e bay feedback percentage. It creates better impression of you as a seller and customers feels more secured doing business with you.

How does it help?

It is quite simple, if you have a store somewhere people do not see it, you will not get more customers. Putting videos about your e bay product will give you exposure to millions of viewers who visit those sites. However, DO NOT forget to mention your E BAY LINK in the description of your video.

When i done that, on the 9th day i sold the books and visits to my web page increased around 30%. I found it quite remarkable and hope you also can help yourselves attracting more customer to your e bay items and sell more.

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