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I'm sick and tired of so called registered dealers and everyother so called autograph experts who are members of one club or another who buy from third parties and 4th or 5th and only sell to make a profit and don't have the expertise to identify a genuine autograph from a fake,it's only a business  you sell to make a profit ,I to could become a member of any autograph society in any country in the world if i paid the registration fee and gave you all the bullsh*t,ebay is full of jokers that are members of some autograph society.I was in the music business for over 30 years so have a lot of contacts and have a good knowledge of what's genuine and what's fake(rock autographs).YOU SO CALLED EXPERTS SHOULD CHECK OUT WHAT YOUR SELLING BEFORE YOU CLAIM IT TO BE GENUINE. if you don't get it signed yourself HOW do you know it's genuine,YOU DON'T !!!!!!!!!!!  if you want a genuine opinion of ROCK AUTOGRAPHS your selling ASK ME and stop claiming to be the holy grail  IF YOUR A REAL AVID FAN OF A PARTICULAR BAND ETC. YOU SHOULD AT LEAST HAVE SOME IDEA OF WHAT A GENUINE SIGNATURE LOOKS LIKE,DO YOUR HOME WORK BEFORE YOU GIVE YOUR MONEY TO ANYONE,WETHER A MEMBER OF AN AUTOGRAPH SOCIETY OR NOT!!!!!! if you need advice or an opinion contact me 
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