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Over the years i have done alot of trading using paypal as the payment processor, And have lost quite a bit via 'chargebacks', With this guide i hope to teach you what i have learn't and how to fully protect yourself from losing your items and money.

Lets start by explaining the two different types of 'disputes' on paypal;

Item dispute, This dispute is where the buyer tells paypal that they haven't recievered the item or the item they got was different to what was listed.

Unauthorised transaction, This is where the buyer states they never made the purchase and it was someone else.

How to avoid a item dispute, Make sure any expensive items (£50+) are sent via a tracked service such as, (Royal mail special delivery,Royal mail signed for), With this infomation paypal will close the dispute if they claim they never got the item in your favor without this you will lose the dispute 100% ...

How to avoid a unauthorised transaction dispute, Make sure you only send to confirmed/verfied paypal account holders, As long as you send it to the address stated on the paypal account you wont have any problems because it proves the account holder got the item, Paypal will close the dispute in your favor if you send to there address.


Things to look out for, Confirmed/Verfied account holders asking for item to be sent to a different address, If you send it to a different address then you won't be protected.


Thanks for reading, GbaGameing.

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