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***Avoid TECHREPAIRS1408*** *** Avoid TECHREPAIRS1408*** *** Avoid TECHREPAIRS1408***

I purchased a 50" LED TV and received a 40" LCD TV in terrible condition and packaging that left me wondering how it managed to arrive in one piece!!!!

His defence was that "it must have been the courier companies fault as he sent a 50 inch" which was the only reply i received from him in my emails to him.

Yeah, because TV's shrink in the post all the time.

I don't know why sellers insist on selling products that they have no intention of supplying, it's not like the buyer isn't going to notice is it?!?!?

Luckily the buyer is covered by eBay & PayPal, so a big thank you to them for this excellent protection against these fraudulent sellers that spoil it for everyone else.

So as a lesson, if anyone offers to sell you a product out with the safety of eBay then please use caution when dealing with that seller.

My worst experience on my whole time on eBay & has led me to name & shame.

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