AVOID: rambook, ltd, user aabbcc147 (109104)

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On 25th november 2011 I bought a Le xar 4GB HD Pro Duo Memory Stick Memoria TARJETA PSP from aabbcc147 seller which later showed to be Rambook Ltd, a company based on Hong Kong.

After receiving the memory, I found it was broken. No problem, this things happens. I contacted aabbcc147 to report I rechecked the unit and it is not working. He insisted it could be a problem of the PSP unit (which is not possible because the same memory card working), but finally he accepted to send my an additional device but before I sent back the faulty device to Hong Kong (assuming the shippment costs). Fine. This is my message:

   I already tested the memory in other devices (two PSP and one PC) and it
   does not work (that's what I say in my previous message).

   I repeat, the memory is not working and it has been tested on devices
   where a second unit, bought from you, is working.

   Let me know how to proceed to get the refund of the sending costs and a
  *working* replacement.

   Waiting your reply,

On 9th december, I receive the replacement,  and sadly, it is again broken. I contacted the reseller again, really annoyed, telling him what had happened and he insisted it could be a compatibility problem. I replied him I already bought in parallel an additional device that is working. I told them they must test what they send before proceeding because the unit it's clearly broken.

After this message, they didn't reply to any of my messages until 15 days after, when I requested for a reply. To my surprise, they started again with same story: "did you check the memory in another device?".  In general, this seller do not read your messages.

I hope this could help anyone in avoid buying items from this seller especially if they are available from other sellers.
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