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It has been noticed recently more often than not that some sellers are inflating postage charges to offset the low starting price's they initially offer their products for on ebay to attract buyers, we can all set up a store and start prices off for 1p if we are going to charge £4.99 for 1st class postage for a product worth no more than £3. It does without saying that there is avoidance on the sellers behalf to avoid fees charged by Ebay and Paypal. If a person is that evasive on the fees, then what else are they cutting back on, old envelope, second hand stamps, no insurance, no proof of posting, buyers buy at own risk, yes we have all seen them and some probably victims of them as well. What do you gain from all their cut backs NOTHING . I believe Ebay & Paypal are locking onto this scam. Recorded delivery is a certainty that at least you have a tracking number for Paypal when either selling or making a claim against them for non receipt. Post office staff in our area have not been the most honest persons around our area, we have often received letters from sellers who have sent items by recorded delivery and upon receipt of the envelope found it to have the recorded delivery label removed from the front prior to placing it in our letter box unsigned for. These matter are best reported to the post office straight away to enable them to target the alleged offender. Check out the cheap items from taiwan , korea and various other Far eastern countries, recently i have also noticed that they request payment to their bank accounts, i dont really thnk it is worth a air fare to track them down if you never get your gear. Some of the buyers from these areas have lots of positive feedback but also lots of negatives, well worth a check before you bid, i normally rate a seller by how quick they respond to questions, but be wary of item in uk and seller in far eastern country, there are plenty of them. I am sure there are a few pointers with this script to make you more wary and more knowledgable, be lucky and remember those high postage charges by overseas sellers

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