Above Ground Pools - What to look out for when buying.

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The swimming pool market is saturated with above ground pools and it is often very difficult to differentiate between a good quality and a poor quality pool. Any swimming pools is an investment in you lifestyle, health and fitness and you should be able to find the best pools by looking for a few key features and points of difference.

Using the best materials is key when looking at swimming pools. Your swimming pool will probably be outside and exposed to the elements so you do not want discolouration from the sun and you want a durable pool to cope with the English climate especially over the winter when you may not be using the pool. make sure that the top seat of your above ground pool is UV treated to prevent discolouration. Some top seats are designed with internatl bridging to allow air pockets inside the structure which will prevent overheating from direct sunlight. This is quite important as a poor design will cause distortion.


The liner that is supplied with an above ground pool can all too often be very thin. a thin liner can have problems in the future and may not last very long which will need replacing at extra expense and time rendering your pool useless until it is replaced. The kids won't be happy! Make sure you select an above ground pool with a liner that is at least 25 Thou. A 25 Thou liner should come with at least a 10 year pro rata warranty supported by an established company who you can trust.


Steel walls are the very best when selecting an above ground pool. Idealy a steel pool wall should have a Polymer coating, which will protect it against corrosion and oxidation. If this is not done your pool will rust and may need sections replacing. Most commonly corrosion can form around the skimmer and inlets where the steel wall has been cut so a Polymer coating is essential. If the structure of the walls is good enough then a manufacturer should have no problem offering a 20 year pro rata waranty on the structure of the pool.

TRACK SYSTEM (saftey track)

The wallso of an above ground pool sit in a track on the ground. Some tracks are made of plastic or resin and somer are made from metal. A galvanised steel safety track is best. Using a resin track means that the wall may only sit in by usually about 5mm however when using a much stronger track made from galvanised stainless steel it will allow the wall of the pool to sit in by up to 32mm, allowing far superior rigidity and will slso make installation much much easier.

These are just a few things to look out for. When you are making such a large investment in your family you'll want it to last. Make sure you talk to ISPE (Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers) qualified advisors when dealing with specialist products such as above ground pools. They can give you the best and most sound advise using skills and information from their training.

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