Abuse Sellers Get in EBay

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It amazes me how nasty people are. I sell at very low prices enough to cover buying more materials to replace the ones I make yet I still get really bad attitudes. Most people if they don't receive an item get in touch I refund or send another. Yet there are some nasty people who don't have the common decency to get in touch instead they open a case. When this happens my account is  frozen and I can't even refund unless I add more. I lose out big style having to refund when I'd lose material price as well as having to lose postage to send. If they take a case out without asking I refund but I leave a message to eBay stating they never got in touch and I object

I wont be abusive but as has happened before if thst happens to me I give eBay free reign to view all mail sent and my answers so they can see who is abusive. 

it doesn't happen often but when it does its nasty, bullying and spiteful and is so upsetting. 

We as sellers we can't give negative feedback. Most people chancing will always say I'm not like that see my feedback, but as said you can't tell because of that  Unfortunately when you block people they can get at you via the listing you sold to them 

I get spates of people buying and scamming or being abusive I try not to reply. It used to be abroad but joining global shipping has stopped that. Within my own country though it does happen as well but thankfully not often nowadays. The moment they are abusive or not respectful I assume by example they can't be trusted. 

But by and large most buyers now are lovely so I shouldn't get upset but I do. So many times I want to pack eBay in. As much as I need to make jewellery to keep sane sometimes it's just isn't worth it 

..but I live to tell another day ツ

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