Acclimatizing the Shrimps 3 simple steps to add them to your tank

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Acclimaizing the Shrimps 3 simple steps to add them to your tank
1) After getting the tank ready with correct parameters and temperature (check other guides), it's time to add some shrimps. Always float the bag for 15-30mins in your tank to adjust the temperature. Your tank water could be 23C (example temperature) while the water in the bag might be higher (or lower) after the travel.
2) Open and fold the edge of the bag so that it is floating. Allow water to seep in gradually over another 15-20 minutes. This helps to reduce shock and stress over any differences in water parameters such as TDS or pH.
Never let to mix water from private sellers - it can bring
diseases and parasites !!!
3) Finally, allow the bag to float such that water enters the bag freely. Let's the shrimps crawl out themselves for a stress free introduction!
It allows you to save them from sudden death. Always have
Always keep in mind that newly purchased shrimp may have changes in the color or pattern of staining due to travel or changes of water parameters.

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