Account was hacked and now unactive

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No longer active

I'm writing this to say I'm no longer active due to spam and hacking of my account and bidding on items without my concert 

Sorry to the three item owners as I will not be buying any of the stuff because it was under false pretenses 

i havent used this account in a year and a half due to me having a account fully setup already and I only notice this when I looked in my emails and seen I had won three items on an account I haven't even used!! 

Whoever hacked my account changed all of my details such as my name and living address and had bid on three items I don't even want such as a tv,Iphone 6 and a car I'm sorry to these three item owners s I shall not be buying these items at all I don't need a car as I have one which is happens to be in a better condition then the one purchased and I already have a tv and a iPhone 

i dont know how long my account has been hacked for I've just noticed late on tonight that my accounts been bidding on things 

i shall message the three item holders and say sorry for the inconvenience of this low life scum bag who hacked my account 

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