Active vs Passive 3D glasses

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Passive 3D Glasses from Bynnz
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Passive 3D Glasses from Bynnz



Are you not sure about Passive vs. Active 3D glasses, which ones you already have, or which ones should you get?



Active glasses need batteries.
Active glasses aren't quite as comfortable as passive glasses.
Active lenses are a lot more expensive, they weigh a little more and they have to be recharged.

Passive lenses have a number of benefits:

Passive glasses that you'd use at home are the same glasses that you'd use in the movie theatre so its a very comfortable experience, the glasses never need to be charged and they're flicker free, so its a really great consumer experience. 
What's more, if you have a passive TV at home, then you can use the same glasses for both the cinema and also at home.

'Bynnz' give you a tremendous 3D cinema like experience in your home.
Our advice when deciding between passive and active technology is  to look for a 3D television that uses Passive glasses. Best examples are Panasonic and LG.

Bynnz have a number of exciting models to choose from, all of  which include a hard case and free UK shipping. You can buy from ebay or online via the bynnz website.

Any questions, we'd be happy to answer them.
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