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This person bought some serama eggs. Now despite the fact that it is well known that serama eggs are especially fragile and do not travel well, with this being expressly stated in capital lettering in the listing, the buyer contacted me 3 weeks after their arrival claiming they were broken and requested I replace them (why was I not contacted the day the eggs arrived??) I, being a good and honest ebayer did replace them free of charge (proof of posting was obtained each time, with eggs being posted in purpose made poly boxes, but eggs were also wrapped in tissue inside). After 2 weeks of recieving the replacement eggs the buyer again stated the second batch of eggs were also broken on arrival (again why no contact made on receipt of these supposed broken eggs??) The buyer threatened negative feedback if I did not supply yet more replacements, so again I replaced for free. However I must state the buyer never returned these supposed broken eggs to me for inspection, infact they refused, stating they had thrown them in the bin. I can only wonder why?? My thoughts are that this person indeed hatched all of the eggs and realised they were onto a good thing so lied and used extorsion to get more to satisfy their greed. After more eggs were refused buyer still left negative feedback eventhough I bent over backwards to satisfy her. My advice is to avoid this seller as she uses feedback extorsion to gain free goods. 



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