Addendum to Buying from China

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HI Again, having recently done a lot of buying from china, I am in a mind to change my outlook on this subject.

In the last 3 months I have purchased a lot of Pocket Watches from China.

One type , a "GLASS BALL" type is made with many different faces. I collect these.

Now, there is nothing more frustrating or annoying to receive the WRONG watch.

This has happened to me 4 times in the last month. What really annoying is to get these packages in the same packageing with sign of who sent it. No receipt or anything!!

On the last two orders I sent a note with them to "SEND THE ONE LISTED".. no good, wrong ones again!. So, what I do now is to open a "Wrong item sent" claim and refuse to return the item. Why should I pay the postage, which is 99% the cost of the watch to change it?? The Chinese do not seem to understand ,IT IS WRONG TO ADVERTISE A DIFFERENT ITEM TO THAT SENT!! I hold out till I get a rebate or the right item sent F.O.C.

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