Adidas FingerTip E6S Goalkeeper Gloves size Guide

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  ADIDAS Finger Tip E6S Goalkeeper Gloves 
These are one of the `top of the range` in Adidas`s goalkeeper gloves range,they come with  a handy Adidas glove weatherproof carrycase with ventilated sides to allow gloves to breath and prevent from smelling when damp,in black with a clear face so easy to find .... 
The Adidas Finger Tip is a high performance glove featuring the  patented Adidas fingerTip protection system, a new dimension in high performance protection gloves. The rooled fingertips prevent your fingers from hyper-extending and are injury preventive and performance enhancing very much like the `top of the range` ADIDAS FINGER SAVE Goalkeeper Glove(but with no finger spines). The latex on the palms has tiny fragments of graphite in it to help prevent wear.The graphite plus latex in the palms is 4mm thick and the soft latex backhand has breathable climacool panels to help the hands keep cool,has you know all Keepers have sweaty hands! the glove can be used for both training as well as big match days. The extra wide wrist support bandage give good protection ,They will aid you in gripping the ball,stopping shots and more importantly they will help keep your hands,fingers and wrist safe from injury.... "I has a Goalkeeper have used these excellent gloves for both eleven and five a side matches and would wear nothing else,ideal for gripping the ball in wet and dry conditions and perfect for close range shot stopping at the five a side"however if you wear them on the allweather pitches they will not last long as the soft palm will wear away when in contact with the arificial surface...."A little tip use abit of luke warm water on the palms and rub together they become sticky ideal for extra grip on the ball"...
Like all latex palm gloves they don`t last forever and will wear more quickly if used on hard surfaces,so i would only invest in this type of goalkeeper glove if you are serious keeper has they are a lot cheaper options for someone looking for a basic goalkeeper glove....Good luck with the shot stopping!
  • Approx glove size guide Adults..7-=Small..8./9=Medium..10/11=Large..12=X.L....
  • A rough guide to measure your hand is wrap around a tape measure across the palm and fully around the hand if it is for example 9 inches then choose a size 9
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