Adidas Predator PowerSwerve

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Adidas Predator PowerSwerve - Are they worth the price tag?

I own a pair of Predator PowerSwerves, get on with them very well, but are they the right boot for you? A few things to consider before splasing out on the £129 price tag!

There are a few points i would advise you to consider before you commit to buy a pair of these boots. First of all, how often do you play football/rugby? I am a frequent footballer, i train 2 nights a week and play 3 competetive matches each weekend; these boots see a lot of wear. The previous pair of Predators, the Absolutes, seemed to have a problem with the leather upper of the boot detaching from the sole. Since i have owned these boots, roughly 8 months ago at the start of the season, i haven't noticed any sign of this occuring. Looks like Adidas have resolved this problem! They also seem to be extremely comfortable; having had trouble in the past with blistering at the heel, the PowerSwerve has yet to cause rubbing around the heel of the foot. The inner part of the boot has altered from the Absolute - the overall feel is more soft, durable and the arch at the back offers more protection, aswell as less friction. If you are a regular sports person, after a boot which will offer comfort, last long and look the part, look no further!

Adidas have also incorporated alot of new technology into the boot, including the PowerSwerve feature (hence the name), which i will briefly describe the benefits to you. This function enables you the option to alter the interchangable sole of the boot, whether you opt for the PowerSwerve sole or the ordinary one. The PowerSwerve sole is designed to optimise power whilst striking the ball. This is created by an air filled pouch at the central point of gravity in the foot, with what seems to  look like sand particles of lead, or some similar form of metal grain. The idea is, that on your backswing, the metal moves to the bottom of the pouch, transferring forward on the follow through of the shot, attempting to carry a greater weight, thus a more powerful shot. But does it work? The answer to that question is yes, although the PowerSwerve sole is not my preffered choice. This is because of the extra weight the sole carries, i feel that it takes a little spring away and reduces your fast twitch movements in a game situation. The ordinary sole is much lighter, therefore, with them equiped to the boot mobility is enhanced. The leather is soft, giving you a better touch than ever, and the rubber strips giving you that edge when controlling and curling in a cross! It can achieve 8% more swerve than its predecessor, also increasing the power by an added 3% of everyshot.

If your looking for a boot that looks the part, and will receive lots of use as well as attention, then the price is irrelevant; this is the boot you want!

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