Adjust your monitor before buying online

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This is an easy solution for the most common issues when dealing with buying clothes online and on eBay Color does not match 

We would like to start with an example in which our model is wearing our Womens Midi Dress Cartoon Funky Print Ladies Bodycon Top Tattoo Colour Contrast


Many clients encounter this problem when buying colorful maxi dresses, mini skirts, hot pants, skater vests or leggings.

Also it is commonly encountered when looking at a plain color product like bodysuits, leggings, crop tops, maxi skirts or jeans.

This problem appears when the contrast and brightness settings of your monitor are not properly adjusted.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to adjust your monitors without a lot of fussing with multi-step processes, this calibration image from Photo Friday can help you adjust your monitor.

Can you see the highlights OK?

The image on the left shows eight blocks of grey tints, with a pure white stripe running across the middle. The numbers on each block show the pixel value that block contains. (That is, the block labeled 251 has red, green, and blue pixel values of 251, 251, 251.) 

On a perfectly calibrated monitor, you'd be able to distinguish (if only just barely) the difference between the white central row and the block labeled 254. More typically, a "good" monitor would let you see the boundary between the center row and the 250 or 251 block. How many blocks can you see?

How about the shadows?

The chart on the left is similar to the earlier white-point checker, only this time for deep shadows. The center of the image is pure black (pixel values of zero), with the numbers on each of the 8 blocks surrounding it corresponding to the pixel values of the dark grey tints they contain. You'll have a hard time seeing shadow detail if the light's too bright in your working area, so make sure that the room is somewhat dim before performing the check.

In a dimly-lit room, an excellent monitor would let you see the boundary between the central row and the "5" block. A good monitor may not go that far, but should let you see the difference between the "15" block and pure black. Many monitors may only show separation in the 30 block, and quite a few may show no blocks at all. If you can't visually separate at least the "20" and preferably the "15" block from the background, your monitor needs adjustment and calibration. (Do note here though, that room lighting can have a very pronounced effect on how far you can see into the shadows. You may want to adjust your room lighting before you decide that your monitor has shadow problems.)


Our graphic team always use this guide to properly adjust their monitors once about 2 weeks. As a result:

In the picture with our model wearing the item Womens Midi Dress Cartoon Funky Print Ladies Bodycon Top Tattoo Colour Contrast, the image in the top row on the left hand side is the one intended to replicate the colours as accurate as possible.

We recommend that in order to see our beautiful items as they are intended, to take 2 minutes and adjust your screen. This way, your shopping experience will be much more satisfying.

VLOfashion team would like to thank you for your time and with your screen now in perfect shape, you can take a look again at our VLOfashion shop.

VLOfashion would like to thank also for the images to imaging-resource and photofriday.


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