Advanced Carp Fishing Rig Buying Guide

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Advanced Carp Fishing Rig Buying Guide

A fishing rig is an assembly of some of the different items that are used to catch fish, such as lines, hooks and sinkers. There is an abundance of gear available from specialised fishing shops or the internet that stock different kinds of rig equipment. eBay is a great source of buying fishing rigs designed to catch carp as you can buy from authentic fishing outlets as well as other keen anglers. 

What Is a Fishing Rig?

In terms of fishing, a rig is simply different pieces of kit pieced together in order to effectively catch fish. Any fishing tackle part can be used to make a rig. It can include the following equipment, amongst others:

Rigs don’t necessarily have to be used with rods; they can be hand-held or attached to a boat also.

Some contraptions such as the simple Waggler Rig are designed to float on the surface of the water, let the line and bait drop into the water and simply wait for the fish to come.

There are different types of fishing rig to suit different ways of catching fish. For example the Texas Rig uses soft plastic lures as bait whilst the Hair Rig allows for the bait to not be attached directly to the hook. There are different types which have been designed to catch certain fish, such as the Cod Rig.

The Basics of Fishing Rigs

The most simple but crucial piece of advice is to look into buying and/or making a rig for the type of fishing that is being considered.

Smaller fish won’t usually require big hooks or too much bait for instance, whereas large ones will. Also consider the location of where the fishing will take place; for example, a Pulley Rig is better suited to rocky waters than a 1 Up 1 Down Rig.

Although some rigs may appear to be complicated, putting them together is not hard if researched properly. It is wise to tie a few together at home as it takes time away from actually enjoying the sport.

There are plenty of expert guides online or in book stores which document further how to set up different rigs for specific fish or different conditions. Search for the type of fishing you are interested in and browse the results to get a better idea of how to build the most suitable rig.

Popular Types of Fishing Rig

This section will give advice to the beginner angler on some of the most popular types of fishing rigs available and their uses.

Sliding Trace Rig– This is a rig that is effective for catching fish such as snappers and kingfish in more difficult waters where there might be a lot of weeds or coral to contend with.

Two Hook Pilchard Rig – Some anglers like to use other fish as bait on their lines. This rig is designed to help keep softer fish like pilchards attached to the hook without them coming off easily.

Sabiki Rig – The sabiki rig is suitable to catch fish such as mackerel or coalfish that eat small prey as they include a number of small hooks. One potential nuisance is because of their small and nimbly size they may tangle easily. An example of a sabiki rig is the Mustad Rainbow Wing Sabiki Rig.

Carp Fishing Rigs

  • Fishing has developed substantially in the 21st century and catching carp in particular has become easier with the improvements in rigs. Advancements in hooks lines and bait presentation, along with further analysis of carp behaviour, have eliminated the element of luck that was traditionally associated with fishing.
  • As noted before, there are plenty of rigs on the market just designed to catch carp. Because of this it is best to try and find a rig for the type of water that is being fished in. A canal may require a different carp rig to a lake for example. Fish may produce different behaviour in these different environments.
  • Conceal the rig effectively so the fish doesn’t get put off taking the bait. There have been advancements in the different types of camouflage that help hide all parts of the rig, including the line. 
  • For anglers looking to improve on their success rate, a carp rig is used to simply sharpen the hooks that the fish will get caught on. This could be the difference between a carp being caught or getting away.
  • Look into the different knots that can be tied as well for a rig. Some carp rig knots are simpler than others and there are many different versions to be able to choose from.

Type of Carp Rigs

As noted before, there are many different types of rig available for fishermen to try out. Below are just a few rigs out there to give the amateur angler a place to start looking and researching their desired rig.

Hemp Rig

Hemp is a good type of bait used to catch carp and they tend to be keen when it is presented. It is best for smaller carp and so a smaller hook may be suitable.

Maggot Rig

Bigger carps may be attracted to maggots but other smaller fish may also take the bait instead, a frequent frustration for fishermen.

Standard pop-up D-Rig

A very simple design which is useful in weedy areas. Has good balance and doesn’t allow easily for the trap to be seen.

Helicopter Rig

This is a simple to create rig which is also safe for the fish. It involves a short hook-length along with a heavy lead that is more effective if and when the fish comes to take a bite.

These are just a few of the rigs that are used by anglers when coming to catch carp. There are plenty more of them out there, all which require different equipment and assembly techniques. Keep in mind the potential conditions and locations of fishing when coming to research them further.

Buying Equipment for Carp Fishing Rigs

There is an extensive range of gear that make up different rigs, which can be found from many outlets. Searching on eBay is the best route to go down; and finding out the opinion of more hard-core fishing experts is crucial when looking at what sort of rigs to buy. Compare different opinions of those who have already used paid for and used rigs.

Because of their specific nature, then it is useful to look on eBay where all the listings will be presented in one place. Fishing is a very popular sport not just in the UK but all across the world and many anglers will like to buy and then sell on their gear as their desires change.

There are tens of thousands fishing items within the online marketplace listings that can be used to make up any rig necessary.

How to buy Fishing Rigs on eBay

  • Simply typing in “Fishing Rigs” will bring up thousands of results.
  • These can be narrowed down on the preference bar on the left hand side to suit catching carp. Simply select “Carp Fishing” under the Type section.
  • The results will be narrowed down now even more. It is now possible to select what sort of gear is required as well, be it some bait, a line or tying tools.
  • Be sure to check the item’s description, including sizes and the condition, along with the seller’s rating and history.
  • Quite a few of the fishing rigs listed will come from dedicated fishing outlets who have decided to sell on eBay to broaden their market. These are useful listings to find as the item description will probably be more detailed.
  • If choosing to ask the seller a question, a more comprehensive and trustworthy answer will also possibly be given.
  • It also pays to discover more about the personal protection available through eBay and PayPal.
  • Bear in mind when bidding that you will have to add shipping costs to the purchase price of the sea-fishing rod you buy on eBay, unless local pick up makes more sense.


  • There are plenty of options out there for the UK’s anglers to get stuck into when coming to research and make a carp rig purchase.
  • Beginners out there may firstly try out the simpler Mono or Hybrid rigs, whilst more experienced fishermen may go for a more advanced 360 Degree Rotating carp rig for example. However, what an angler uses is entirely their own preference and different rigs can produce different results anyway. For example, some rigs may perform better in certain waters whilst others may be successful with particular carp.
  • Browse around all the specialist angler websites to find out advice from other fishermen who have had experience in using carp rigs before and whether or not they have been successful.
  • Before making a purchase, check out eBay to see if any items are available at a more affordable price.
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