Advanced Selling and Marketing Techniques

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Advanced Selling and Marketing Techniques


In this short guide, I shall be sharing with you a few sales and marketing techniques which you will be able to apply to your ebay listings, or even to your own website. I shall be covering cross selling, a seven step sales funnel formula, the use of PPC advertising and landing pages and blogging.

Cross Selling

Maybe one of the most important and cost effective marketing techniques in the book, every seller, no matter what field they are in, should be aware and understand the use of cross selling. Cross selling is the act of marketing your own products with matching products. For example, you may have a listing for a nice top, and a separate listing for a nice pair of trousers. This would be a perfect scenario to do a bit of cross selling. In this case, on the listing where we are selling the top, at the bottom of the description, we could advise them about the matching trousers we have for sale, and then vice versa on the trousers listing. The pros of implementing cross selling techniques are that you can advise your customers products that would go with the item they are already looking at, thus doubling your sales. It is also good for when they decide they do not want to purchase the current item they are looking at, but then see the item you have advised and they may take a visit, thus, your chances of a successful sale go up by 200%.

So, when we are cross selling, either reccomend items that would go well with the current item they are looking at, OR, cross sell similar items which they may visit if they choose not to buy the product they are currently looking at.

Another tip, don't just cross sell one item, give a few options to boost the chances of a successful cross sell.

Seven Step Sales Formula

In this section I am going to just give you the basic steps of the seven step sales formula which is used to funnel leads into customers. For a more in depth explanation, please go to leavetheminthedustDOTcom under the article, 7 step advertising formula. The following steps can be used on your ebay listing, or on a websites landing page. We will go over landing pages in the next section.

Step One

Great headline

Step Two

Immediately follow through with the promise made in your headline, or opening gambit.

Step Three

Quickly tell prospects specifically what they are going to get — what your offer is.

Step Four

Substantiate the promises you make about the performance and results your product or service will provide.

Step Five

Tell your prospects what they will lose if they don’t buy your product or service.

Step Six

Rephrase your one or two most important benefits in your closing offer.

Step Seven - The Most Important Part!

Ask your prospect to take action now — and lead him or her figuratively by the hand, step-by-step through the buying or ordering process.

PPC Advertising and Landing Pages

This section goes over one of the most important online advertising methods. If you do not have your own website, you can treat your landing ebay listing as your landing page.

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising is a very cost effective method of publishing adverts, where you only pay a tiny amount when people actually click on it. You set your budget and you set your maximum bid per click. I personally use AdWords which is run by google.

So, what we want to do, is direct are advertisements to our landing page. The common mistake that many website owners make, is to direct there adverts to their homepage, but this is useless and just lets your leads roam free. What we want to do, is actually take hold of our leads and get them warmed up and interested and interact with them, this is where our landing page comes in. A landing page is used as a sales page, that takes a user from being a lead, to a customer. For example, in many cases, we can use the seven step formula mentioned above, to filter our leads, and then give them the call to action so that they are actually persuaded to buy something.

PPC - pay per click advertising, very cost effective.

Landing Page - A page to take leads and process them into customers with a call to action.


This last section goes over the use of blogging and how you can use it to market your listings or your website.

So the main goal of any blog is to get readers interested. You need to give readers articles that they want to read about. Think about a subject that is related to the items that you sell. In different articles, you can mention your items. For example, you could be running a clothes store. You may write an article about a new top that a certain brad has released, maybe do some kind of review of it, and then mention to your readers that you supply that top, you can then direct them to your product. You can use ebay's blogger, or you can use other free blog providers like

What are the advantages of using a blog?

You can gain trust with your readers so that they are likely to want to purchase off you.
You are promoting items to a relevant audience, you have a group of people that will actually be interested in your products.
If readers find your blog interesting, they may share it with their friends, or link to it on their website meaning your products will be reaching a wider audience.

If you use practice these tips, and use them, you should see an improvement in your sales. They have worked for me! I hope you have found this guide interesting and that it has given you a few ideas as to how to promote your products. Please give me your views, or suggest a tactic that I can add to this guide that other users may find useful.

Thank you for reading.


If you did not find this guide useful, please let me know why so I can build apon and improve this guide.  Your Feedback will help make this better for others. Thank you.

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