Advantages of Private Selling over Open sales

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Just a small paragraph or two about the advantages to buyers on buying from a private sale mode as opposed to an open sale.

I have been on Ebay now for 10 years as a buyer and most often as a seller with a rating now appoaching the 6000 mark, which is fairly good especially with my 100% feedback. I am not an expert as I dont believe there is such a thing,but do know my way around the Ebay site and system fairly well.

I sell many item and most of them through the private sale mode as this gives my bidders the annonymity they deserve, if any part of their Ebay id is visible then it is traceable and if traceable then the unethical will use it. If one of these such sellers traces a bidder then they can try to contact and cold sell the bidder the item at a lower price and usually outside the Ebay restrictions. This means that the buyer has no come back on the seller if a) the item is of poor or inferior quality or b) if the item does not arrive at all.

Please give clients a fairer shot at Ebay and use the private bidding system more often to protect them in this greedy old world.



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