Advent & Medion computers Replacement motherboards

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Advent & Medion computers have been sold in significant numbers through High street outlets.

There are a number of different types using a variety of altered architecture which apparently makes repairing these computers difficult for many people. These pc's have one thing in common in that they all suffer with a motherboard failure, leaving all other components in good working order. 

They are very easy to repair with a simple motherboard replacement, even for the most inexperinced of poeple. Save yourself lots of money by replacing the motherboard yourself with my easy to understand instructions which are supplied.

There are a number of different architectures involved in these Advent and Medion computers, so it is important to give me some basic information in order to provide the correct motherboard for you to use as a replacement.

The types of processors used in these computers which dictate the motherboard are as follows,

AMD socket 462 or socket 754

Intel socket 478 or socket 775 and

Intel socket 775 with DDR memory and AGP slot or DDR2 memory with PCI Exprees slot.

Please give me the full make and model including model number and if possible the existing motherboard code number which can be found near the white PCI Slots on the motherboard and will consist of two letters and 4 numbers for example MS7061

Then go to my ebay and send me a message from the item page to ask me a question with all this information.

The pictures shown in this guide are for an Advent 3216 which I carried out a motherboard replacement for today 24/05/08

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