Advice for Pole Dance Beginners

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Never thought I would be giving advice on taking up pole dancing, at the age of 45, but here goes.  I dipped my toe in the water after buying four lessons on one of those daily deal websites & was hooked. It's a fantastic way to build confidence, let your hair down with like minded ladies & most importantly tone up brilliantly.

Even though I was going to a class once a week, I found it very hard to perfect moves  & build up my strength.  I, also, didn't prepare my self for how addictive it is & never wanted to go a whole week to my next lesson.  I quickly ended up getting my own pole to use at home (search for "X-Pole" and a wide range of home use poles will come up all of which can be put & taken down easily with a little practice). 

Other items I found while browsing that I found very helpful as a beginner were DVDs that helped recap the moves that I had learnt in class (with a week's gap between lessons it is sometimes hard to remember everything).  These DVDs come in handy for jogging your memory between classes & inspiring you, even if you don't go down the home-pole route. One I found particularly helpful was "Pole Exercise DVD 1 - The Ultimate Pole Dancing Workout", when I purchased it was around £16.00.  It demonstrates clearly single moves.

While I was starting out and still building up strength in my hands, I purchased some anti-slip hand powder called "Mighty Grip" (you can also search for liquid chalk, as it does the same job).  This helped me to perfect stationary pole positions (not a good idea for spins, as you want the opposite effect. will make the pole to sticky to spin around it) 

Some tips on clothing - a lot of pole moves rely on skin on various parts of the body touching the pole to give you grip.  That is why pole dancers have to wear so little!  Don't let this put you off!  The pole class I attend is full of women of all ages & sizes, once we get inside the gym no-one gives you a second look, because we are all having far too much fun!!  And it is a great way to gain body confidence, you will be amazed what, with practice, can actually do.

To start going to an organised class (which are held all over the country in gyms & health clubs) all you really need is a pair or shorts and vest top.  You can search ebay for yoga shorts, hot pants, yoga vests, sports bras, etc or search "pole dance shorts".

I hope this guide is of some help.  Just a quick note - putting up a pole & flinging yourself around it can lead to injuries.  I would recommend going to a class, where you will get proper tuition & learn how to warm up & cool down properly (especially if you are of a certain age like me! :-)  The DVD I mentioned earlier does also contain sections on both of those,  for those of you that are a little shy and would rather give it a whirl behind closed doors!
Happy poling. x
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