Advice on the best PS3 games for you to buy.

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Advice on the best PS3 games for you to buy.

I thought I would write a guide on the best PS3 games for you to buy for the various genre's.
I have well over 250 PS3 games in my collection and have been a gamer since the 1970's!
The guide is based on my enjoyment that I have had from these games and the games that have the most playability and fun factor.

The best racing games are:
Wipeout hd Fury (it is soooooooooooo fast and have spare pants handy!)
Burnout Paradise the Ultimate Box (improvement over the 'standard' version and includes some dlc on the disc)
Need For Speed Rivals (Best Need For Speed game of the series since NFS Hot Pursuit)
Test Drive Unlimited 2 (Massive game split over 2 real life islands)
Driver San Francisco (Very enjoyable racing game and fab quality cut scenes)
Blur (Like Wipeout but with cars and weapons)

The best action/adventure games are:
Grand Theft Auto V (Massive and stunning game!)
Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City (The Ballad of Gay Tony is Fab!)
Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition (includes Undead Nightmare plus all dlc)
Saints Row the Third the Full Package (Similar to GTA but less serious and more fun! and includes all of the dlc on the disc)
Dante's Inferno (Fab hack and slash game with stunning visuals)
God of War III (Fab hack and slash game with stunning visuals)
God of War Ascension (More fab hack and slash game with stunning visuals)
Infamous 2 (Be a superhero with your own powers to change the world)

The best kids games are:
The Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon (Who doesn't love Spyro?)
The Jak and Daxter Trilogy (Funny and fun at the same time)
Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga (The best Lego game out of all of them)
Sonic Generations (Classic sonic gameplay in both 2d and 3d)
LittleBigPlanet Game of the Year Edition (Fab gameplay and you can even make your own levels)
LittleBigPlanet 2 (Fab gameplay and you can even make your own levels)

The best retro games are:
Ico & Shadow of the Colossus (Retro PS2 fun)
Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection (It's a shame Wiz n' Liz wasn't on the disc!)
Midway Arcade Origins (Compilation of retro arcade games featuring all time classics such as Defender!)

The best sports games are:
SSX (Not quite as good as SSX3 on the PS2 though!)
Virtua Tennis 3 (Best tennis game with fun mini games!)
Rapala Fishing Frenzy 2009 (Surprisingly Fun and can be played with an actual fishing rod controller!)
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing (Surprisingly Fun and can be played with an actual fishing rod controller!)

The best role playing games (rpg) are:
Folklore (an oldie but a goody)
Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition (Huge game and includes all dlc on the disc)

The best strategy games are:
Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition
Civilization Revolution

The best first person shooters are:
Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition (Bioshock 1 & 2 plus all dlc on the disc)
Borderlands Game of the Year Edition (includes all the dlc on the disc for the later versions & earlier versions had a one time only use voucher code)
Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition (includes all the dlc on the disc which is worth £75!)

The best games for the most blood and gore are:
Splatterhouse (It is an 18+ game for a good reason!)

The best flying games are:
IL 2 Sturmovik Birds of Prey
Ace Combat Assault Horizon

The best puzzle games are:
Angry Birds Trilogy (My girlfriend loves it!)
Angry Birds Star Wars (It is Angry Birds and Star Wars combined!)
Bejeweled 3 (Also has the games Zuma & Feeding Frenzy 2 included!)

The most unusual games that you wouldn't think you would enjoy are:
Katamari Forever (My girlfriend loves it!)
Journey Collector's Edition (Unique use of the sixaxis function for the games and 'Flower' is stunning!)

Many thanks for reading this guide and please remember that it is just a guide and there will be people that don't agree with my choices of games.
I have all of the Need For Speed games (from Prostreet up to Rivals) & all Virtua Tennis games so the best games chosen have been compared to all the others in the series.
I am not a big First Person Shooter fan, Football fan or really into Role Playing games but the ones of the few I have played and enjoyed are in this guide.I do not play Football games at all which is why none are included in this guide.
As more games are bought over time I will add them to this guide and have fun and happy gaming!
I hope that you have found this guide useful and please don't forget to vote as it is free to do so and only takes a moment.
The more votes I receive the more inclined I am to spend my valuable free time writing more eBay Guides and Reviews for you.
Many thanks.
If you have less than 5 feedback unfortunately you won't be able to vote (Sorry eBay rules and not mine!)
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