Advice on what to think about before buying a pram

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Points to consider before you buy a pram.

Do you live in the town or country?

Do you travel by car? Do you use public transport frequently? Or are most of your outings on foot? If you mainly walk you will need to invest in a pram with good suspension and manoeuvrability. If you use the car to get about then you should consider a model which folds easily and fits into the car boot. If you travel on public transport or have steps up to your flat or house you should look for a pram which folds well and is light to lift on and off buses or trains, or up to your front door.

For easy manoeuvrability around shops choose swivel wheels. Fixed wheels are easier to push over uneven terrain such as the park and generally provide better suspension. However many models have wheels that can be fixed or swivel.

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