Aerial7 Bullet Vs. Sony XBA-2

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Headphones can be a difficult shopping decision, upon considering the multitude of alternatives to research. The Aerial7 Bullets and Sony XBA-2s are suitable for people on-the-go and music lovers alike. The Aerial7s have a lot to offer, whereas the Sonies deserve praise for their wide frequency response and are the ones for hip hop.
Aerial7 Bullet Sony XBA-2
Features Aerial7 Bullet Sony XBA-2
Weight 31.75 gr Not Specified
Connectivity Wired Wired
Usage Consumer Not Specified
Sensitivity 92 dB 108 dB
Design In-Ear only In-Ear only
Color Tantrum;Storm;Shade;Dark Rasta;Circuit;Candy;Azzurro Silver/Black
Earpiece Design Earbud (In Ear) Earbud (In Ear)
Impedance 16 ohms 12 ohms
Driver Unit Size 10 mm Not Specified
Sound Mode Stereo Not Specified
Color ST Multicoloured;Blue Multicoloured
Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz 4 Hz - 25 kHz
Cable Length Not Specified 1.2 m

Aerial7 Bullet

The Aerial7s have a canal earbud design, allowing you to bring them with you in a purse, briefcase, or jacket. In addition, you can distinguish powerful bass tones and shimmering treble tones thanks to their 20 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response. Their 92 dB sensitivity enables you to achieve great loudness using little power. Beyond that, the Aerial7s feature a 16 Ohm impedance, allowing you to hear improved sound quality when using a range of electronic devices such as netbooks and digital media players.

Sony XBA-2

The Sonies boast an earbud design, so you can treat your ears to increased comfort and listen for long periods of time. Plus, the Sonies' 4 Hz - 25 kHz frequency response enables you to listen to clean highs and throbbing lows. You can take advantage of loud sound even while consuming less power thanks to their 108 dB sensitivity. Also, they have a 12 Ohm impedance, so you can increase your listening enjoyment from a range of players including portable DVD players and iPods.

Comparing the Aerial7 Bullet Vs Sony XBA-2

Generally speaking, the Sony headphones lead by example and are a good choice for rock, R&B, and digital audio. The Sonies have a wider frequency response, allowing you to make out more powerful lows and crisper highs. Moreover, their higher sensitivity lets you get more loudness using less power. Furthermore, you can listen for longer periods of time on battery operated devices thanks to the Sonies' lower impedance. On the other hand, the Aerial7s measure up with an ergonomic design and a light weight.

Buying On eBay

eBay is your destination to research Aerial7 headphones as well as Sony headphones since you can reach out to sellers via the "Ask a Question" feature or look for specific features using a keyword search. Take comfort in your purchase decision when dealing with eBay top-rated sellers who are great at satisfying their customers, providing helpful information, and earning positive feedback from buyers. With the help of free shipping, just think of what you'll save.
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