Aerial7 Bullet Vs. Sony XBA-NC85D

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More and more buyers discover that choosing between headphones is sometimes tough. They find a vast number of designs to ponder and each model is different from the next. The Aerial7 Bullets and Sony XBA-NC85Ds are suitable picks for audiophiles and people on-the-go alike. The Aerial7s stand out with their low impedance and are a delight for portable audio, however the Sonies attract attention with their quiet noise cancelling and are the ones for travel.
Aerial7 Bullet Sony XBA-NC85D
Features Aerial7 Bullet Sony XBA-NC85D
Weight 31.75 gr Not Specified
Connectivity Wired Wired
Usage Consumer Not Specified
Sensitivity 92 dB 106 dB
Design In-Ear only In-Ear only
Color Tantrum;Storm;Shade;Dark Rasta;Circuit;Candy;Azzurro Black
Earpiece Design Earbud (In Ear) Earbud (In Ear)
Impedance 16 ohms 820 ohms
Driver Unit Size 10 mm Not Specified
Sound Mode Stereo Not Specified
Color ST Multicoloured;Blue Black
Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz 5 Hz - 20 kHz
Cable Length Not Specified 1.5 m

Aerial7 Bullet

The Aerial7s have a canal earbud design, allowing you to take them along in a purse, briefcase, or pocket. Also, you can discern powerful bass notes and clean highs thanks to their 20 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response. The Aerial7s' 92 dB sensitivity lets you use little power to get plenty of loudness. Furthermore, they boast a 16 Ohm impedance, so you can enjoy great sound from a host of audio sources such as laptops and MP3 players.

Sony XBA-NC85D

The Sonies have an earbud design, so you can listen for hours and enjoy maximum comfort. In addition, the Sonies' noise cancelling enables you to filter away unwanted sounds. You can listen to brilliant treble frequencies and resonant lows thanks to their 5 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response. Moreover, they have a 106 dB sensitivity, allowing you to enjoy loud audio even while using less power. The Sonies' 820 Ohm impedance helps you increase your listening enjoyment on a variety of gadgets including tablets and smartphones.

Comparing the Aerial7 Bullet Vs Sony XBA-NC85D

On average, the Sony headphones edge out the competition and are a great bet for digital audio, rock, and R&B. The Sonies boast noise cancelling, so you can filter away more outside noise. Furthermore, their wider frequency response lets you enjoy lower bass notes and crisper treble tones. Plus, you can use less power for louder audio thanks to their higher sensitivity. On the other hand, the Aerial7s have a lower impedance, so you can get better battery-life from your portable devices. Moreover, the Aerial7s rival with an ergonomic design and a portable weight. Hence, they are good for portable audio.

Buying On eBay

eBay is the place to purchase Aerial7 headphones together with Sony headphones because you can reach out to sellers via the "Ask a Question" feature or browse multiple candidate listings. Shop with the utmost confidence when dealing with eBay top-rated sellers who are great at satisfying their customers, providing helpful information, and shipping products promptly. With the help of free shipping, just think of what you'll save.
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