Affordable Fake Tan Buying Guide

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Affordable Fake Tan Buying Guide

An alternative to basking in the sun, fake tans are an easy way to obtain artificially bronzed skin. A fake tan adds just that hint of orange, transforming the user into a person with dark, glowing complexion. A natural way of getting a tan is to head to sun-drenched locations to bask in the midday sun. However, chances of sunburn, premature ageing, and skin cancer are among the reasons for the increasing popularity of fake tans.

Sunless tanning, as the procedure is referred to, sometimes requires that the body be waxed and exfoliated beforehand. Numerous products, each with varying formulae and features, are available for users to select one that suits a specific skin type. Some fake tan lotions can be applied just as easily as moisturisers. The lotion goes on to develop and deepen the hue over a couple of hours. Other lotions need to be applied an hour or two in advance, while yet others may need days of preparation.

Several leading brands of fake tans are easily available in brick-and-mortar stores. However, eBay offers an excellent alternative through which one can find an entire array of affordable fake tans from which to compare and choose.

How Fake Tans Work

A great thing about sunless tanning products or self-tanners is that users are spared the rigours of soaking in harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun as they sunbathe. While sunless tanning can be done by professionals at salons and spas, users may also find more affordable alternatives in the hundreds of fake tans available in the marketplace. Fake tans are sold as creams, mousse, gels, sprays, and lotions that can easily be applied on the body to obtain excellent results.

Most fake tans contain an active ingredient called dihydroxyacetone or DHA which reacts with dead cells in the uppermost skin layer when fake tans are applied to the body. The DHA darkens the skin temporarily and the colour does not wash off until a few days. However, as dead skin cells slough off, the colour begins to fade and finally disappears. With many fake tans, results are seen within an hour of application, but full colour may develop within eight to twenty four hours. Ideal results are observed in people with medium complexion, and freckled skin does not take tans too well.

Affordable Fake Tans for Self Application

While getting a fake tan from professionals at salons or spas ensures a job perfectly done, these procedures can be expensive. And since the tan only lasts about five to six days, it can make more economic sense to conduct the procedure at home, as long as directions are followed correctly.

Fake tans are easily available as sprays, mousse, gels, lotions, and creams, and any of these may be used for sunless tanning at home. Fake tans from online stores such as eBay can be purchased at competitive prices. Novices may need to buy all the relevant accessories as well; however, that is typically a one-time expense. Nonetheless, this is still a relatively inexpensive option when compared with getting a fake tan at the salon. It is to be remembered that application of fake tans should be done by strictly following the directions on the package.

Spray Tans

Canisters with fake tan may be bought ready-made, or one may also choose fake tanning solutions that can be spray misted using appropriate containers such as self spray tan guns or electric spray guns. Some sprays are enriched with skin nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin E and antioxidants.

Gradual Tans

Easy to apply, gradual tans may be applied like moisturisers. The tan colour in the lotion, which also contains a moisturiser, deepens with each application, and this may be used all year long, just as one would a moisturiser. Leading brands of gradual tans are easily affordable and cost the user just what they normally spend on other creams and lotions.

Fake Tan Mousse

One of the more popular and affordable options, a fake tan mousse can be applied evenly over the body, using a mitt or gloves. Care should be taken to ensure there is no excess mousse by rubbing well and blending it in for an even coating. The application has to dry and develops over four to six hours. Some products may require the user to shower after the specified drying time.

Fake Tan Lotions

Another highly affordable product, the fake tan lotion has to be applied evenly to achieve a streak-free finish. Some products are infused with fruit extracts and herbal oils to provide additional nourishment for the skin.

Fake Tan Wipes

An inexpensive way to get bronzed, fake tan wipes have the added advantage of being a very simple way to get a fake tan, without the mess and stickiness of mousses and lotions. These are pretreated towelettes containing DHA solution that the user simply wipes the body areas with. The tan develops in a few hours, and the process may be repeated after a day to work up a deeper tan.

How to Get an Even Tan

Following the right method of application as indicated on the package can ensure a great, even tan all over the body and face. However, a few general tips also go a long way so that the user does not end up with a streaky appearance and a sense of having wasted time and money trying to get bronzed.

Waxing 48 hours in advance and shaving 24 hours before applying a fake tan can ensure that pores are closed. Shower and exfoliate to get rid of dead cells so that the skin is smooth and ready for the tan. Rubbing in a light moisturiser on body areas where the skin is rough, such as elbows, back of the hand, feet, knees, ankles, and cuticles, helps spread the tan evenly in these areas. Using a cotton bud, vaseline should be applied to the eyebrows and the hairline. In case the colour has stained palms or soles, dabbing with cotton ball dipped in baking soda solution or hydrogen peroxide can remove it.

How Safe are Fake Tans?

 Definitely considered to be safer than sunbathing or sunbeds, fake tans have been approved for external application only, on the skin. The DHA contained in fake tans works on the superficial dead skin cells to temporarily turn them dark. This is as opposed to sunbathing or sunbeds, where ultraviolet rays penetrate into deeper skin layers and hence are extremely harmful. With DHA colouring only dead cells which shed in a few days, the risk is minimal.

However, application near sensitive areas of the skin, such as the eyes, mouth, and nose is not advised. These areas are easily avoided if fake tan creams are used. Extra caution needs to be exercised while using sprays, and there is also the risk of inhalation when sprays are used.

Buying an Affordable Fake Tan on eBay

Who would not like to show off healthy glowing skin, even if it is the result of a fake tan? eBay offers several popular brands of fake tans. Shoppers can take their pick from lotions, gels, mousses, sprays, and creams. With eBay's top-rated sellers offering an array of fake tans, shoppers need not have any reservations about purchasing the products. Top-rated sellers on eBay maintain a track record of selling high quality products and providing great service.

Once you do a search for fake tans on the website and obtain listings, you can review the details of a product on the individual listing page. This page also provides contact information about the seller, including feedback received, and shipping and handling charges.

You can learn more about a fake tan by reading feedback from users who have already used the product. Several items on eBay are auctioned, and shoppers participating in these may notch up goods at fabulous prices. Goods that qualify for free shipping is another way to earn big savings. eBay also offers almost every possible mode of payment, so you can find options that are ideally suited to your needs.


Fake tans are hugely popular, especially for those who wish to look stunning for a special event. This is an easy way to create the bronzed, glowing look, and the application can be done in a few minutes. The colour in the fake tans develops and peaks in a few hours, and therefore the user has to start applying the tan a few hours prior to attending an event. The tan, once applied, lasts for about five days.

With gradual tan products easily available, creating a permanent tanned look is as simple as applying a body lotion or cream everyday. Spray tanning, using a fake tan canister, is another easy way to applying fake tan to body parts or the entire body. Several reputed brands offer fake tan products, and they are a preferable option over sunbathing and tanning beds. Some fake tans even provide skin nourishment to keep skin supple and glowing.

With multiple sellers who make available leading brands of fake tan products, eBay is a reputable online source where one can find the product that meets the needs.

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