Aggressive response to genuine comments.

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I must be magnet for stupid, ignorant and verbally abusive eBay users.


It is becoming very common for sellers to respond to comments sent before feedback is left for them, the last two incidents have highlighted this.

The first abuse came from the last NEGATIVE feedback given to me from a Verbally disgusting person who if I were to publish the comments sent to me via email & eBay would land me in a cell for perversity and downright vulgarity. All of which sent to eBay and nothing was done.

I recently purchased a Mercedes Sprinter manual from EuroRepo and informed the seller of my forthcoming vacation and that my payment should I win would be a couple of days after the auction end, a Polite reply was received.

On return from a well earned rest I won the item and duly paid leaving a little dig about the £6 postal and packing cost's, 1 week later I sent a mail enquiring politely as to the whereabouts of the item and received a mail stating another would be sent as the first was dispatched from a new Post Office.

This morning Saturday 18th August 2007 my mailbox was full of verbal diarrhoeah from the sellers parent, I presume, stating I was threatening his child and that a small Jiffy Bag cost's £1.95p a trip to the Post Office cost £1.20 plus the £2.95p 1st class post made the item a loss.

If children are allowed to deal/trade on eBay they must be Policed, If the child was an Adult masquerading as a child then eBay needs to know, whether they do anything is another matter?

If you receive disgusting mail then forward to eBay, you can then BLOCK the sender from having any more dealings with by setting preferences in MY EBAY.

Finally FEEDBACK! I had a 100% positive record for 2+ years and the only negative feedback has been received by people who didn't buy the item/s. Funny they were both Vehicles sold for a 3rd party.  Don't hide your feelings if you have 100% give the NEG where it hurts(:0(><  the feedback system is only a guide,  if you are worried take the time to write your response to it and be sure to follow it up by using the FEEDBACK FORUM, it gives YOU the opportunity to voice a reply after the 1st comment is left so 2 bites of the Apple! 

Any sensible buyer or seller can see from your response and the persons own feedback where the truth lies.

I add to this guide the fact of No Questions? ASK ASK ASK if you don't then it really is YOUR OWN fault. If the item or instructions are NOT what you expected, don't leave it till you send mail, PHONE, SPEAK UP if you are Face to Face with the seller, as email is easily MISSINTERPRETED!

The last Negative left for me was kindly due to a Anglo Asian Gentleman purchasing a Bosch Reciprocating Saw, I described the item as being collection only and heavy as in a steel box post would be expensive(Steel box for protection post only) . He collected and wanted a full demonstration after this required instructions(None were detailed) and asked about the plastic case supplied I asked was there a problem NO REPLY he left politely saying nothing.

I thought for a couple of minutes then decided to call his mobile phone that he had spoken to me on just before collection, SWITCHED OFF!

I went straight to MY eBay an sent mail offering a delivery to Bournville 10 minutes up the road. Oh! OH! Oh! the abuse, ream and reams of threats, aggression and complaints followed every day for a week.

Finally after eBay were involved and I committed him to leaving his Negative feedback for me we were able to pass our comments to close the matter, they are all for you to see.

Remember when checking feedback to click on the sellers handle/name then click on all feedback and eBay now show all the items bought or sold and all replies made or given.

I hope I havn't bored you into a stuper, REMEMBER sleep tight and take your time with FEEDBACK if you have left feedback for someone who then NEG'S YOU then you can still reply to that for all to see by following up the comment in FEEDBACK FORUM, REPLY TO COMMENTS MADE. 

This is also for comments you left for them! if you POS'D them you can leave a note with choice words under it, REMEMBER your statement is very limited to sit back take your time writing a choice response and DON'T repeat DON'T press your enter key at any time until completed as you'll blow your chance completely, AGAIN let them CAST THE FIRST STONE?



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