Airfix The Battle of Waterloo Sets and Figures

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Have you noticed that no matter how many times you are watching a vintage Airfix Waterloo set, the price always seems to shoot up, well beyond what you can afford to pay. Well, at long last Airfix have re-released a Battle of Waterloo set. This set is huge! It comes with 9 regiments of troops (I think they mean 9 different sets) British Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry Hussars, Prussian Infantry, French Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Imperial Guard, Highland Infantry, Farmyard Figures and Farm house. It is NOW available from loads of large retailers for around £30!

What a difference in the price compared to the 1970's sets appearing on eBay, though I must admit I'd still like a vintage set.

Finally, the main point of this guide, with this re-release will we now see an influx of so-called 'vintage' sets now being listed? Given that there are some dodgy people out there I expect so. How can we tell the difference? Well if it looks brand new it probably isn't 30+ years old.

There are some decent vintage sets out there and I'm sure that the sellers of these will agree, that no matter how well stored these sets have been, they will show signs of age.

Will the original sets increase or decrease in value? That remains to be seen, but I would imagine that they will still go up.
Happy model making.
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