Alan Carr - Look Who It Is!!

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Alan Carr's Autobiography is just fab!  I couldn't put it down, I suppose it helped that as I am from Northampton (where Alan grew up) I could relate to the places he was referring to in the book, although I suppose that made it, for me, all the more enjoyable.  Saying that, even without this sort of link I would have enjoyed the book immensely!  It is so funny with his unique wit and take on situations.  He is one of the most funniest comedians out there (along with Petet Kay whose autobiography I have just read too and is also fantastic) and the fact that he is such a down to earth person makes this a pleasant read and knowing that he worked hard for where is today and it wasn't handed to him on a plate makes his success all the more deserved. 

It starts with his childhood and the usual ups and downs.  His Dad was Northampton Football Club's Manager for a long time and his Dad was always trying to get Alan to go down this route, but of course he was destined to go down a different path.  It then takes you through his further education, various part time jobs and temping roles to where is today.

I recommend this book to everyone, it really makes you feel happy and if you have had a bad day, the thought of knowing you  have this little gem to read really lifts you.  Definitely a treat to read - Thanks Alan!

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