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Alessi is just such a great make well where can I start, you can spend literary hundreds of pounds for a classic designed piece or just £3.20 on a small plastic spoon but the design, usefulness and functionability is the same no matter what the cost, that is the love of life in each piece.  Never have a dull moment in the kitchen, using kitchen towels now well that is boring, but with the Bunny Towel Holder a different kettle of fish, now talking of kettles, you use one most every day no doubt, but why have a boring functional one when you can have one that is a designer, functional and dammed good object to look at!

The Italians can definatley show us a thing or two, well more than that when you look at the whole Alessi collection, there is something there for almost everyone, from children to pets, yes, dog bowls and they even give a percentage of each one bought to a dogs home, (so you can do your bit for charity not only by buying your hound a lovely bowl designer no less, but also help other less fortunate hounds.  Now mustn't forget cats, as they also do a lovely cat feeding bowl.   Just wished that they did dog beds, as our hound loves his bowl but really is trying to tell us that he would love an Alessi bed, so if there are any Alessi designers out there that might read this, please hear the message from our hound "please, please make me an Alessi dog bed, just the right size for a beagle please".

These pieces of plastic, yes, plastic (Mr Cold soap dispensar, Bunny and Carrot Towel Holder and others that are in the plastic range) really do stand the test of time, and don't look as though they will fall apart not long after purchase, you know the ones that look great in a shop, use them for more than six months then they end up getting thrown as they have broken or just look so worn, washed out (cheap plastic does that).

There are the other iconic ranges the Juicy Salife, it looks great just as an ornament never mind the fact that it was actually made to do something.

There always seems to be a piece of Alessi to collect and use that is the beauty of it you can actually do something with it, use it and love it, have a great love affair with the Alessi collection.    Well at least everyone will know what to buy you for Christmas or birthday's.

Well it is June 2009 and my love affair with Alessi is still as strong as ever, the  pieces I have bought (or kindly been bought as presents) are still going strong and look as wonderful now as they did when first taken out of their boxes.

The range now also comes in figures from the Jelly Baby shaped one (looks like a jelly baby doing a backward flip in the colourway of red and green, (this would make a lovely and totally different Christening present to 'Hopi' a set of two figures which are both stylish and modern (yes even for those that don't  normally do ornaments, I am pretty sure these will beg you to differ).  Christmas decs. now the Nativity Scene is a real cutie along with the Candle holder, just go and look at the range .... and the main thing is they may seem slightly more expensive, but they will last you years (plus keep the boxes and you never know the next generation may be sitting on a small fortune).  But you get the benefit and enjoyment of using them now though.

The main thing with Alessi is that it never dates and that says alot about the design, how many other items/objects that you have you can say the same about? Not many as Alessi is functional, designer made, funky and just well worth having in your home.
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