Alfa 155 down on power and low mpg

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Gary wrote to us with a problem with his 2litre 1997 Alfa 155 which was using a lot of petrol and down on power. He added some Restore at an oil change and this is the result:
Hi. Just thought I'd let you know how I got on with my second lot of Ametech, can't comment on the first because I sold the car shortly afterwards. My car is an 1997 Alfa 155 2.0 which ran ok but only returned about 22mpg. Each tank of fuel I have used since returns more than the last and I now regularly get 30+mpg and the engine also sounds far sweeter. Best regards, Gaz - 31 May 2007
We have found that an out of balance engine will return low mpg results as the engine is hunting all the time and hesitating pulling away from traffic lights and pulling out of side turnings. This is frustrating with fuel prices so high but also dangerous when trying to cross a traffic stream. The option of an engine strip down with new pistons and liners is not really an option anymore as cars over 10 years old do not hold their value and cannot justify a rebuild. Having said that a rust-free car that is otherwise reliable and has a smart body work just needs a chemical revitalization along the lines of an Ametech Engine Restore treatment. Anyway we are glad that Gary found a way to solve his annoying problem. 
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