Alfa Romeo Remote key Fob HELP - READ BEFORE YOU BUY

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Fistly I will introduce myself as a vehicle locksmith and key programmer with 12 years experiance. I am starting to assist Ebayers with help on saving money for the remotes sold on Ebay. Nearly ALL remotes on Ebay sold second hand or even advertised as new but they second hand but in new cases are not possible to be reused. I have begun to get a little fed up with the customers coming to me with these remotes complaining that a dealership has charged them for trying to program the remote in. So here goes with the info.

 3 Button                     2 Button

  • Alfa Romeo 147/GT/156 Flip remote. (2/3 Button)

These remotes above CANNOT be programmed into you car to work as a spare key. If you are doing this then you need to buy direct from a dealership or via a vehicle locksmith. You order the remotes and insist on ordering the security codes at the sametime. Both take upto a week for delivery. When you have done this they can be programmed with diagnostic equipment.

If you don't want a spare remote and you just have a remote were the buttons have stopped working then this remote is fine. You must make sure the item is advertised exact to the car you need. STAY AWAY from adverts selling the item with 147/156/GT remote. Doing this you could get the wrong remote. Once you have the correct remote you can use the circuit board only. Remove the Alfa emblem and screw underneath. You need to extract the key blade and immobiliser chip leaving the remote circuit board inside. Swap you chip and blade from your working remote. Now you can order the remote programming code and get the new board programmed. This is done with diagnostic equipment.

KEY BLADES sold on Ebay. The flip type blades sold on Ebay are not the correct size to fit into these remotes. If you do buy one you will see that the holding part is incorrect. DO NOT BUY. Unfortunatly nobody has made the correct ones for this remote.

  • Alfa Romeo RED Remotes.

DO NOT buy these if you need it for a spare key. You can only use if your remote is in perfect order and only the circuit board is not working. You cannot re-cut the key blade so the circuit board is the only usfull thing. This can be programmed along with the code which can be ordered from Alfa Romeo dealerships and then programmed in with diagnostic machines.

I hope this has saved you some money. Please remember to vote ;-)

If you ned programming we are a Nottingham company. We would need the car in Nottingham to do this. Bookings are required.

If in the event you want to us to do any work or any questions please feel free to contact me through ebay BUT please send your email address with the question along with vehicle and year made. I will then send you a email rather than a ebay reply. This way I can keep track of our conversation.

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