All I want for Christmas is a Footstool

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All I want for Christmas is a Footstool

Yet another year has passed by and not only is it Christmas time again, but I am a whole year older as well. That means that my legs get more and more tired. When my Mom recommended me a Footstool to put my legs up, while working on the PC or sitting in front of the TV, I was not taking her serious at all. But in the end, I decided to go for it and bought on ebay. It is an adjustable wooden footstool with fleece cover  and 3 settings in which I can keep my legs. One is flat, the second is on a 90 degree angle and the third setting allows  me to have my legs straight  stretched out while sitting. Since I bought this very useful furniture, I cannot imagine my life without it anymore. My legs are not so tired anymore, I can focus better and longer at the computer and feel much more rested.  

How to use it:

Simply lift the top up or down to the desired hight as it locks itself in and put your legs up on the soft fleece covered pillow.

I recommend this for anyone who has tired legs, has to sit a lot at work or stand or is constantly on his/her feet. Such a small item makes a huge difference and keeps you healthy. So best to start too early than too late being comfortable. I am just around the 30 mark and like my mother always says: You can never be too young to start looking after yourslef. Prevention is always better than curing.  
The seller I bought mine from was "chumsoutlet". It got delivered by my Hermes the next day, was very easy to set up,just screw on the knobs at the bottom, and the seller keeps you updated via email about the status of your delivery, so you always know where it is at the moment.
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