All In One Nappies - A Simple Guide

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With so many different nappy types on the market it can be confusing when choosing which is right for you.  Here is our simple guide to the All-In-One Nappy.  For more comprehensive advice on which nappy is right for you, see our Choosing your Real Nappies - A Simple Guide

All-In-One nappies have an outer wrap that is permanently attached to an absorbent inner nappy, making only one piece to put on.  These nappies are designed to match the convenience of disposable nappies and they do score highly in this area as they are quick and easy to put on with elastication at the legs and waist giving a snug fit.

Because the nappy and wrap are 'one-piece' all in ones are generally slow to dry compared with other nappy systems, although some are now being made with lightweight, quick drying fabrics such as micro terry.  Containment can also be compromised a little.

These nappies have tended to become less popular since the introduction of pocket nappies, which have all the convenience but are much quicker to dry.  However, they can still be a useful part of a nappy system, to be used when out and about or for when someone else is taking care of your baby.


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