All Seller's READ THIS ! and make a differance.

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Right im sure all E bay seller's are not happy with the new

"Seller's can no longer leave bad feedback"

So i plan on contacting Ebay and making a point to the power's that be,

but first i need your help.

First i need you all to click the "yes this was helpful" button.

This way i will be able to have some thing to show the power's that be when i contact them.

So make sure you get every one you know to come along and click the button as the more that do the greater the chance that they will take note and get rid of this daft idea of stopping us leaveing bad feed back to people who are messing us about !

Im sure every seller will agree and help out as the sooner this get's reversed the better.

thankyou for your help and finger's crossed we can make them take notice.

The more this gets rated the more people will see it and in turn the more chance we have to get it changed!

Well i have had some feedback from member's and after a few surgestion's i think that the best idea to pitch to E bay

would be to have feedback hidern when a sale is made untill both partys have done their feedback then and only then will it show up!

This is the fairest way for both partys in a sale and will make sure all feedback left or receved is fair.

But before i can do any of this we need ALOT more feed back via the "yes this was helpful" button so please do help.


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