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I have always found EBay so easy to use. Either way by bidding or buying now just a click or two and all done. Once it all set up you can pay so easily via PayPal, Its all so simple just do as EBay ask and you will soon be a pro
On eBay you can buy near enough anything you require and some for as little as a penny, yes sometimes you may pay the going rate so to speak, but you do need to look for you item and what you are willing to pay, there are ranges on the side to help you do this. you can even reduce the number of items to see , by some of the selection on offer.
I'd Recommend eBay to anyone who can use a computer, to do their shopping, even if they are not to happy with the choices shown often there are other advertisements they themselves recommends. There is no livestock which I truly believe in, and it's not about grocery shopping. It's about your pleasures, hobbies home improvements, clothing, cars and even some services.
But it isn't all about buying you  can sell too. this is also so easy, online guide through it all, all you need is a brief description and a photo, Photos  make is easier to sell, its a case of if you can buy it then you can sell similar thing.


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