All You Need to Know About Electric Guitars

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All You Need to Know About Electric Guitars

Often seen as a major symbol of rock 'n roll, electric guitars are one of the most popular instruments on the market for experienced musicians looking to form bands and for amateurs looking to expand enjoyable hobbies. Many electric guitars are a bit of an investment, and careful thought and consideration are necessary before deciding to purchase one. This includes determining what type of music a musician plans to play and the type of neck and body needed for the guitar. Electric guitars are available at a number of instrument and music stores and also through online sites such as eBay. With the right amount of knowledge, any budding or experienced musician can find the perfect electric guitar.

Guitar Quality

Many first time guitar players shudder at the hefty price tags on some top tier guitars. Most high-quality guitars make a large dent in a bank account, but the highest quality is not always necessary. Many mid-range and low-range guitars work just as well, depending on the intended usage. This is especially true for beginning guitar players picking up these instruments for the first time. Less expensive models, often made of plastic, still help a beginner learn the basics of playing an electric guitar, and that is generally the main purpose of buying that first guitar. Once a player gains some experience with the instrument, he or she can invest in higher quality models that should last for many years.

Body Style

One of the major variants of electric guitars is the style of the guitar's body. The three most common types of guitar body styles include solid-body guitars, semi-hollow guitars, and hollow-body guitars. As the name implies, solid-body guitars are solid throughout and are typically solid wood. Solid-body guitars are the most common type of guitar and often feature ash, maple, and poplar woods. Hollow-body guitars are more like acoustic guitars with their completely hollow interiors and wood exteriors. Semi-hollow guitars are a combination of the other two types and feature a solid block of wood in the centre, surrounded by two hollow chambers.

Solid-body electric guitars are typically best for musicians who really want to amplify their instruments' sound with special effects, while hollow-body electric guitars are perfect for jazz musicians and other performers with softer, quieter sound needs. Semi-hollow guitars strike a happy medium between the two and provide softer sounds but with amplification capabilities.

Neck Style

Another important attribute to consider on an electric guitar is the guitar's neck. The neck of the guitar determines how comfortable a user is when playing the guitar, and a musician should choose the neck based on what feels best. Necks come in a variety of shapes, known as the "C," "U," and "V" shapes. Although it may not seem like a huge difference in shape to an amateur, as players become more experienced, they often find a certain neck shape suits their hands best while playing. For beginners, the neck shape may not matter as much in the early phases.

Neck Woods

Like the different electric guitar body styles, the necks of guitars consist of different woods. Mahogany, basswood, and pau ferro are just a few popular choices. Some neck woods are useful for particular purposes. For example, basswood is a very economical choice, while maple is a hard, strong wood without being too heavy.

Electric Guitar Brands

Quite a few names are synonymous with electric guitars, and these companies typically manufacture quality guitars that are popular for players of various experience and age levels. Fender and Gibson have produced electric guitars since the early days of the instrument, and rock stars often use Fender and Gibson models. Brands such as Yamaha and Ibanez create guitars that are great for beginners.

How to Buy Electric Guitars on eBay

With numerous types of electric guitars on the market and even more custom variations available to suit particular musicians, searching for an electric guitar could seem like a daunting task. Shopping for these popular instruments on eBay makes the buying process fast, easy, and even enjoyable. Buyers should run searches using the search bar on any page and then look for listings posted by sellers with high positive feedback ratings and Top-rated seller status. eBay's wide range of product options allows shoppers to enjoy an abundant number of choices. eBay offers the perfect electric guitars for both beginners and seasoned pros.

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