All Your Need to Know About Grow Tents

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All Your Need to Know About Grow Tents

Grow tents are vital for indoor gardeners who need a controlled environment for specific plants. You can place the grow tent in a large grow room, in a garage or shed, in an office or laboratory space, or within a large greenhouse. If you are new to the concept of grow tents, gather plenty of information about them before you start the hunt for a grow tent that fits your needs.


Sizes of Grow Tents

Grow tents come in a broad range of sizes to accommodate the needs of different gardeners and their plants. To select the right size for your grow tent, consider two factors. First, think about the indoor space where you plan to position your tent and decide how much of that area you want to sacrifice for the grow tent. Also, consider the number and type of plants you want to grow and how much space they require. Tents come in sizes as small as 60 cm by 60 cm and as large as approximately 610 cm by 305 cm, and some companies allow you to order custom sizes as well. Make sure that the tent is high enough for you to stand upright comfortably. For tall plants, you may need an extra high grow tent to accommodate future growth.


Ventilation for Grow Tents

Ventilation is key, not only to the growth and health of your plants but also to your own comfort as you tend to them. Manufacturers outfit grow tents with ventilation systems of varying quality, so be sure that you choose an effective one. Proper ventilation within a grow tent eliminates the dangers of stagnant air and lessens the chances of fungi, mould, and mildew beginning to grow. In addition to the ventilation system, a good grow tent has a carbon filter. The carbon filter handles the first stage of purification for the air that enters the grow tent. As the air passes through, the filter rids the air of spores and bacteria. When you enter the tent, you should smell clean, fresh air, a sign that your tent's ventilation system and carbon filter are functioning properly.


Lighting for Grow Tents

Make sure that your grow tent has the right type of lighting for the style of gardening that you want to do. Grow tents do not allow sunlight into the growth area, so you need to use artificial light sources instead. LED lights are efficient, last a long time, stay cool, and put out the right wavelength of light for the plants. HPS lighting systems work well for the plants despite being less cool, long-lasting, and efficient than LED ligts.

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