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Dear Customer,

We Would firstly love to welcome to an exciting new adventure. We are a company called Eurojet. We would love to own an airline company however getting their is going to be tough... its a massive project that we cant wait for. But also we would like to thank you for choosing us as the people you would like to make a purchase with. This is a guide to how we work and everything you need to know.

Your purchase with us
When you buy from us we are notified with in seconds. If you have ordered your product and completed check out after 9.00PM (UK) then our dispatch team will dispatch your product the next day. If you complete checkout at 8:59PM (UK) then your product will be dispatched the same day! You will be sent a personal e-mail from a member of the dispatch team to confirm that your product has been dispatched, they will also let you know about any problems (with us, problems rarely occur) Once you have received your item its up to you weather you leave us feedback. You can also sign up to our FREE newsletter which will be sent by e-mail. (please see section: our free news letter.) but apart from that your purchase with us is quick and simple!! 

I'm not happy with my purchase
We do our best to make sure that your product gets to you in tact and in lightning time, however we realise that sometimes things can go wrong. The product you are buying will be described correctly to its present condition. Before dispatch all products are checked and ''approved for delivery'' if the product is in tact before it is dispatched but when it arrives at its destination we will give you a refund. To be refunded for any reason please e-mail Eurojet customer service at, they will get back to you with in 24hours. 

If you do not want to complete the check out there and then... then thats fine we will give you 1 week to pay. Our dispatch team will invoice you through ebay and give you a personal reminder as to when you must have paid by.

A scam?
We have recently had a numbers of scams. Please note that all our workers can tell if you have a scam from paypal. Also if you are unsure about any emails we have sent you then please contact customer services as soon a possible. 

Who's who
Problem with your product? Got questions to ask about us? - E-mail:
The dispatch team will email you from the following email only: 
Want the news letter? email your name and email to:

Our free newsletter
We love you to make sure you get the most for your money so we have created a news letter that is emailed to so every time we have lowered prices and go some special offers on! with Christmas coming up it's worth signing up to. Just emial your name and your email address to

Customer service
We make sure that our payment process is quick and that you are always number 1. If you have any suggestions about our customer services then we would be glad to hear of them for this you can email  

We hope this guide was easy to use and we hope to make business deals in the future. Once again thank you for your co-operation. 

Jordan Newton 
(CEO Eurojet) 
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