All you need to know about Hi Def, Blu-ray and HD DVDs

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Hi-Def and Blu-ray is here, the next generation in Entertainment
I have written this guide to help others understand the difference between a normal DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

HD DVD and Blu-ray are the next generation in home entertainment. With up to six times the resolution and superior sound compared to traditional formats, high definition is the perfect way to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports. See your favourite DVDs in much sharper, more vivid detail than you could ever imagine, and discover new levels of crisp, clear sound. To watch high definition TV you will need a set top box capable of receiving and displaying high definition content.

Here are a few questions that I will try to answer to my best:

What is the difference between standard definition and high definition?

HD (high definition) is the highest resolution offered within the digital television category. As television programming and TV sets themselves are moving from analog to digital, it's easier to deliver movies and programming in higher resolutions. High definition content is also more often displayed in widescreen, which is similar to how it looks in the cinema. Between SD (standard definition) and HD there's a range of resolutions, but the easiest way to explain the difference is that a HD images hold more information than a standard definition images. This means that HD can be up to six times clearer than what you get on DVD, which lends itself to being shown on larger screens.
But what is it about hi-def that makes the picture so much better?
The main difference is resolution. A high definition image holds more information than a standard definition one, providing up to six times more detail. The higher the resolution, the better an image looks, particularly on a larger screen. While you may not notice a significant difference on TVs smaller than 42", on larger screens HD images retain startlingly crisp clarity in a way that standard definition simply cannot.

There are other reasons why high def makes for better viewing. For one thing, high definition content is more often displayed in widescreen format, which is closer to the way movies appear in the cinema than the traditional television format. HD DVDs also support progressive scanning, which offers even higher picture quality. They also offer multi-channel high resolution audio which is significantly better than audio on DVD.

Why is the sound better?

More information fed into your home theater speakers means deeper, richer sound. The benefits of high definition sound cannot truly be appreciated without a surround sound speaker system. We've all heard of "surround sound", but the new high definition content can offer true surround sound--enough to make you jump off the sofa!
What's the difference between Blu-ray and HD DVD?

Although Blu-ray and HD DVD are both high-definition media formats that rely on blue-laser technology, there are some important differences between them. The first is capacity. Because a Blu-ray player utilises a shorter wavelength blue-violet laser than an HD DVD laser, it can focus even more closely to read more densely packed data. This allows a Blu-ray disc to have even higher capacity. A standard HD DVD can hold 15 GB per side (30 GB on a dual-layer disc), whereas Blu-ray can hold 25 GB per side (50 GB on a dual-layer disc).
The second difference is content. Several major studios have announced that they will support only one of the formats, meaning that their titles may be available on DVD in only one high-definition format, either HD DVD or Blu-ray. Titles from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, MGM, and Disney are likely to be on Blu-ray, while titles from Universal Pictures and Paramount will likely be on HD DVD. Warner Bros. have announced that they will release titles in both formats.
While the two formats are not compatible with each other, they both offer vastly superior audio/video quality, extra features, and a less intrusive menu system compared to standard DVDs.

Hope this helped you to. Come back as I will update this review as I get more information.

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