Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo Review

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An Alpecin shampoo review is looked online often for seeing if there is scientific backing for the caffeine based shampoo actually works or not - and how if it is, and does it work for everyone? if not, what type of people does it work on, or even races of people?
The answer is simple from just looking at the lack of ingredients, and the only two experiments done on this shampoo, based on independent test tubes, the results are not so promising. This is because doing an experiment in a test tube environment leaves out the major causes of hair loss and hair problems; which is inflammation caused from various body issues such as hormonal imbalance of males and females, stress mental or otherwise and even nutrition of the person affecting the inflammation (because sugar causes inflammation too).
So the shampoo does not really work other than a minor placebo effect - are there shampoos that work for thickening hair growth?
There are the top known hair growth shampoos which help thicken hair:

As you can see the Taoist handmade soap is the number one hair thickening product that actually works in many ways than just one - it is also so powerful that it reaches all needed layers of the skin to detox the skin, including hair follicle area, stopping inflammation - the main cause of hair loss.

Even if you have hair loss from hormones as a man, or a women (because they are different), it is inflammation that starts to make the hair follicle slowly thin and start to fall out, and it becomes an endless cycle - nutrition like sugar intake also contributes to this hair thinning, especially if you feel very sluggish after eating sugar (after the initial high).
But using a simple soap for thickening hair is like trying to run a car on one wheel - the answer to healing in every sense, is to do everything you can!
This means, improve your general health - go out jogging, brisk walking, whatever helps. Change nutrition, reduce calories (not for weight loss but reducing calories keeps the body younger many experiments have proven this).
After you have done the above things, then you can purchase the Taoist soap, or whatever your looking for hair growth and find works for you (our bodies are different, sometimes things don't work, but this does not mean you lose hope).
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