Alpecin Liquid Review - Does Alpecin Work?

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Hair loss, technically known as alopecia, is a condition which the majority of men (and women too) have suffered from at one point in their life. And every now and again, people have seemed to discover a solution, but it's always a temporary one. 

Is Alpecin Liquid different? does Alpecin work? And how? 
The logic behind caffeine based shampoos is that by applying it on your hair, it is absorbed which stimulates hair growth whilst preventing the effects of DHT on your skin. DHT is a male hormone which is said to be one of the main causes of baldness. As a result of hormonal imbalance, inflammation on the scalp can occur which in turn causes hair follicles to fall out. 

However, there is a major flaw.
The way these companies have tested the effect of caffeine on hair follicles is through a test tube environment. They drowned the hair follicle in caffeine for 24 hours and then measured its growth rate and thickness. What are the implications of this?
  • Firstly, the hair follicle was submerged for a whole day, we apply shampoo for less than a minute!
  • The impact of human hormones on the hair were not taken into account

As you can see this experiment wasn't very reliable, but there is another way of monitoring hair loss. An experiment was conducted comparing 5 shampoos which claim to be effective in preventing hair loss.

Over the course of 6 months, 5 groups of participants used one of the products and measured how much hair fell every week. Once the data was collected, scientists found that Alpecin Liquid was the 2nd most effective in decreasing the rate of hair loss.
So what is the solution?
Although it is true that hormonal imbalances can cause higher levels of DHT to be produced (hereditary or environmental), but it is the inflammation that cause hair follicles to fall out which can be related to other major issues such as lifestyle. 
Out of the 5 products used, Taoist Soap  turned out to be the most effective treatment which works by detoxing the scalp and reducing inflammation. What's more is its created using rare, naturally found elements so you don't have to worry about it contain harmful chemicals. In fact, its so natural that you can eat it!

This soap is designed for hair and skin and actually targets the problem area unlike most products on the market which just cover it up. 

But wait, there's more!
It should be understood that hair loss will not go away forever through one method. You need a complete change in lifestyle to see long lasting results, this includes things like:

Improving your diet - Fried foods and those high in sugar, artificial preservatives and sweetners can all cause oxidization which leads to inflammation.

Stress - It can lead to certain types of hair loss so measures to remove unnecessary stress from your daily lives should be taken e.g. breathing exercises, walks 

Massage - Simply massaging the scalp every day for 10 minutes improves blood circulation and helps renew cells faster. You will see the difference in the number of hairs that fall within a week!

Breathing - I am sure you know the benefits of breathing such as staying alive! But there is also a correct way to breathe to optimise lung capacity and oxygen intake. Improving your posture and breathing from your stomach/abdomen will increase the amount of oxygen you breathe in and can reduce your levels of stress.

We tend to take sips of air rather than breaths which is one reason why many people suffer from fatigue. Scientists found that people who regularly meditate and did breathing exercises had genes involved with fighting inflammation and disease switched on more than people who didn't. So there is plenty to be gained by just breathing right.

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