Alternative Guide for Ebay Terms

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It seems we all seem to make terms up for things on Ebay. Here are some which may popular:

Cheapskate: Someone looking to make a bargain-combine postage, lessen postage, etc.

Delboy French: Trying to communicate with other Ebays in their own language, or the stuff you put on envelopes to France, etc.

Fiddlers: The customs people, especially if they open an item to look inside.

Gazump: To bid at the last moment, especially if it seems by artificial means.

Granny's Attic: A seller selling old nicknacks.

Nightowl: A seller whose items finish in the wee small hours.

Overkiller: Someone who lists the same item too many times.

Quizzer: Someone who asks a question you can't answer.

Rule of Second Chance: The only items that you will be able to give a second chance offer to will be ones that you only bought one of.

Rulebook: Someone who always fills their listings with things saying "this complies to Ebay policy".

Sandwich: An item not selling in between two items selling (in terms of chronological order, order of number of views etc) OR a item selling in between two items not selling.

Tourist: Someone not from
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