Always send an item with a tracking number

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Well, i hope that you do not get stuck with the situation that i have recently been stuck with.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when i sold some items on ebay. I listed some expensive items on ebay and they were sold to people from mainland europe. They paid by paypal the same day as the auction had finished. Very nice i thought, i confirmed their address through ebay and sent off their items.

A couple of weeks later i received a few e-mails from paypal saying that my account has been limited, this is due to no item being received. I contacted paypal and they said that the person who bought my item didn't receive it. However i was left positive feedback for my items. I fought the case with paypal but i couldn't prove a tracking number. Now this is a big problem seeing though paypal had confiscated the funds from my account.

It appears that nearlly anyone can file a claim against you if they did not have to SIGN for their parcel. In the end i had to refund the buyer their money even though they had received the item. So now i have no item and no money for it.

Lesson to be learnt: ALWAYS send an item recorded or international signed for when you sell it. If they don't need to sign for the item then there is no way that you can prove they received the item.

I think to send an item "recorded delivery" its an extra 60p and to send something "international signed for" its £3 extra. Wish i had forked out the £3 now instead of loosing all the money owed to me.


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