Amazon Fire Vs. Amazon Fire HD

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Deciding between tablet computing devices can be stressful when you realise the seemingly countless options out there. The Fire and Fire HD are suitable for IT professionals and technology lovers alike. The Fire turns heads with its modest weight, however the Fire HD is great for gaming and attracts attention with its fast processor speed.
Amazon Fire Amazon Fire HD
Features Amazon Fire Amazon Fire HD
Height 19 cm (7.5") 23.9 cm (9.4");19.3 cm (7.6")
Processor Speed 1.2 GHz;1 GHz 1.5 GHz;1.2 GHz
Installed RAM 8GB Not Specified
Weight 0.413 Kg (0.91 lb.);0.4 kg (0.88 lb.) 0.6 kg (1.27 lb.);0.4 kg (0.87 lb.)
Battery Run Time Up to 9 hours;Up to 8 hours Up to 11 hours
Display Color Support 16M colors Not Specified
Exterior Color Black Black
Display Tech IPS IPS
Processor Manufacturer ARM Not Specified
Max. Video Resolution 1024 x 600 Not Specified
Family Line Kindle Kindle
Width 12 cm (4.72");12 cm (4.7") 16.3 cm (6.4");13.7 cm (5.4")
Touch Screen Technology Multi-Touch Multi-Touch
Carrier Not Applicable Unlocked;Not Applicable
Display Size 7in (17.78 cm) 8.9in (22.61 cm);7in (17.78 cm)
Processor Type Dual Core Not Specified
Depth 1.14 cm (0.45");1.1 cm (0.45") 1 cm (0.4");0.9 cm (0.35")
Display Max Resolution 1024 x 600 1920 x 1200;1280 x 800
MPN Not Specified 53-000510;53-000400
Front Digital Camera Resolution Not Specified 1 megapixel

Amazon Fire

The Fire sports a 1.2 GHz processor speed, allowing you to run powerful applications easily. What's more, its 7-inch screen size helps you see images easily without straining. Look over sharp images thanks to the Fire's 1024 x 600 pixel screen resolution.

Amazon Fire HD

The Fire HD boasts a 1.5 GHz processor speed, allowing you to enjoy responsive high-performance gaming. Moreover, you can save loads of viral videos and music thanks to its 16 GB storage capacity. The Fire HD's 7-inch screen size lets you display an expansive viewing area. Plus, it has a 1280 x 800 pixel screen resolution, allowing you to benefit from precise graphics.

Comparing the Amazon Fire Vs Amazon Fire HD

In general, the Fire HD leads by example and is a great bet for gaming and reading text. The Fire HD boasts a faster processor speed, so you can play video games with increased performance. What's more, its higher screen resolution helps you take notice of clearer text and graphics. On the other hand, the Fire sports a 28% lighter weight, so you can use it in many places with greater ease. What's more, the Fire holds its own with an ample screen size.

Buying On eBay

eBay is a great place to research Amazon tablet computing devices because you can reach out to sellers via the "Ask a Question" feature or compare seller ratings. Confidently make your purchase decision when dealing with top-rated sellers on eBay who are famous for satisfying their customers, providing helpful information, and answering questions. With free shipping available, you can strike while the iron is hot.
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