An Ebay Tip For Feedback Back Requesting Working

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Hi World -- 
Feedback Back Request -- a Helpful Tip Idea -- Procedure

A Seven 7 Step Guide

Step 01  --- Find the Longest Before Feedback to Do First 59 Day Date
Use This Link Work Out 59 Day Back
Sometimes You Get 1 Day Extra

URL Disassembled NewLine Split Twice after --- www and --- .com
as  Page Ebay Policy Not Allow External Link This Page

So New Line-Space Splitter Use
Answer Join Remove Replace The LineFeeds into A One Line URL
This is done easy at The URL Bar Copy Paste This URL -- Browser URL Bar Will Strip Them Multi-Line of Linefeed
Add or subtract to a date – results

.com/date/ dateadded .html?d1=&m1=&y1=&type=sub&ay=&am=&aw=&ad=59&rec=

Step 02 --- Be Polite Handshake When Request Feedback Back
As the Name Imply, It Is Feedback Back
So When Making a Request Message Make Sure You Left a Feedback First

Next And  Then Leave Feedback To The Seller
Let Them Know Item Arrive Safely 
And Or Working Or Maybe Not If Use Later Not Able to Test Then

Note Leave Some Feedback Priority to Best Custom Service First
Explain And Or Also Leave Feedback Only To
Those Person's That Left Feedback for You First
And do Them First And Others Later Priority

Related  to Step 01 and 02  ----
Step 03 ---  Check Feedback Longest Delivery Time Wait  First Order 59 Day
And Then Look Here  As Items Awaiting Feedback -- Sorted into Most Recent Feedback Will Be At Top To Easy Locate
That Is Where Begin With Longest Sorted Near 59 Day Deadline If Item takes Longer Arrive Journey than the Mixed With Your Homeland Earth Planet World Item

Note For URL Again --About URL Hacking 
Ebay Won't Allow Any Link External Here And Including Some of Themselves's
So New Line-Space Splitter Used
Answer Join Remove Replace The LineFeeds into A One Line URL
This is done easy at The URL Bar Copy Paste This URL -- Browser URL Bar Will Strip Them Multi-Line of Linefeed
Step 04 -- Prepare the Request In URL to Send Custom Service  Person
When Here Do The  Leave Feedback Link Button With A Right Click to Another Tab Or Window
There You Will Find All You Want To Hack Disassemble Reassemble The URL To Make Offer For The Seller Or Other Party To Return Your Feedback Back
Look Here
See You Get These Two  Are Filled Correct For The Item ---- 
All That Is to Be Done Is Swap The
Away From You -- To The Customer Handle Or Seller
Hopefully, Get That Right 
Unless You Got Two Account To Test It For A Dead Link
Something Like This 
Some Item and ID Number 
Has Been Replaced With 0Naught For Remove Info
The UserID is Me -- and -- That Has to Be Changed to Recipient 
Leave Feedback
Consider Many Big Seller Use The Robot Auto Respond For Feedback and Feedback Back  Which Is Pay For
Step 05 -- What to Do if Feedback Back Custom Aftersale Service Going Wrong
Seller That Don't Respond Or Do But Don't Respond With The Feedback Back Request 
Well  You Can Send Them A Lovely Message On 59 Day

About -- Arrogant Ignorant And Also Be Polite Try and Be Considerate When Message Request Up to 59 Day Deadline  Before about Hope They Recipient are in Well-Being
Check Their Current Feedback Giving and Tell If They Are in Business and Not Single You out For Simple Asking But Not Explain It Communication Answer or The Request Being Lack of Answer

Step Six -- Be Polite Don't Ask for Feedback Back Request Without Show Proof Where They Person Can Easy Find You've Been Given them First 

Also, Show Them Other Seller Party 
They Find Your Left Feedback Here
It Does Help Some Seller Work Out The Ebay Feedback Philosophy
You Can Not Do This Link In A Personalized Way Even As There Is A Search Box On The Page It Don't Include In Url
So You Maybe Ask Them To Enter Your Handle In The Search Box
Or Save The  Respond To Who Haven't To Last
And Make It Important To Show You Left It Before 
If You Ask To Acknowledge
Feedback Forum: Reply to Feedback Received

By The Way Shooter Star Status Seller
New Rule Unable To Leave Them A Negative
Guess That Equal Should Be Both Ways Around 

Not Many Shopping Market Have Feedback Worth It Like Ebay
Buy And Forget About Customer Relationship

Step 07 of 07 --- Buy A Proof Of Receipt and Condition Send Delivery By Camera
Buy a Camera Photo Proof When You Buy a Lot On-line For All Arrive and Send
Sony Cyber-Shot is Working
I got HX Series
Next Model Up is HX90 With a Fold Out Screen For Selfie Vanity Picture Image
And They Keep Them Only Just Under £200 at Curry PC World Shopper
And Them In Limit Of Lower Lowest Insurance of £1.50 and Month
Consider You Carry It About and Could - Cloud Burst - Rain or Dust Storm in the Telescopic Lens Happened to Me Without Insurance

The Guarantee is Well Worth It -- Damage Only Not for Loss Worth Adding
So Don't Leave On Public Transport Conveyance
Happened to Me -- Fell Out Back Pocket
Made a Nice Present Brand Cybershot for Someone And My Photo

and CyberShot HX90 Next Model in Might Be Damage Insurance Guarantee   Replacement -- A Handsome Electronic Equipment

And On-Line Buying Photo Item Arrive And Sell Because Make a Claim With Royal Mail
You Lose You're Head If It Not Screwed On

Happen Me Many Time _ Saved By the Photo

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Yours Kindly
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