An Expert's Guide - How to successfully sell on EBay!!!

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How to successfully sell on EBay

  1. Market Research – search for an item similar to yours already being sold on EBay. Put it in your watching list and see what it sells for and if you would be happy if your item went for that price.
  2. Picture – you can add 1 picture for free so you might as well. Buyers are more inclined to buy something that they can see what it looks like and what condition it’s in.
  3. Gallery – on a page of listings one with a picture stands out a lot, so its well worth paying 15 pence to get gallery and get potential buyers attention quickly.
  4. Item Title – include as much information as possible as this is the first buyers will see. Also words used in your title will come up as search keywords.
  5. Description – Be honest especially if an item is new or used the more specific the better. Buyers will be more comfortable about bidding on your items if you give them a detailed description about the item.
  6. When to list – You must consider your target market your trying to sell to when deciding what time to list your items.  For example a good time to put on listings is in the evening when people are home from work and even more so at weekends and bank holidays.
  7. Where to list – it’s very important to put your item in the right category, many people get this wrong which will probably lead to your item not being sold.
  8. Use ‘Want it now’ – You can search through the listing to if anyone wants what you want to sell. Good for specialised items for which the right buyer is hard to find.
  9. Offer Paypal as a payment method – probably the most popular method of payment, it is an instant payment and anyone can set up an account who has a credit/debit card.
  10. Give competitive postage rates – high postage rates put off many buyers so keep prices realistic and reasonable.
  11. Take advantage of 10p Listing Days/ Free Listing Days – save yourself some money by looking out for these offers.

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope it was useful for you. Please see my items for sale.

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