An alternative to Botox

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Short term wrinkle correction

There are many treatments purported to improve the appearance of aging skin, but only one of them, injections of botulinum toxin, has a clear effect on wrinkles by inhibiting the capacity of the facial muscles to contract.

Botulinum toxin works by binding to the neuronal cell membrane. The light polypeptide chain of the two-chain botulinum toxin cleaves specific sites on the SNARE proteins, preventing complete assembly of the synaptic fusion complex and thereby blocking acetylcholine release. Without acetylcholine release, the muscle is unable to contract and the wrinkle is smoothed out.

Use of botulinum toxin for wrinkles is only suitable for a minority because it requires injections administered every few months by medical professionals, making it an expensive proposition. Besides, the method has the potential for causing accidental permanent paralysis of face muscles.

Other treatments purported to smooth out wrinkles consist in the application of creams containing peptides designed to have some homology to the SNARE complex of SNAP-25, thus interfering with muscle contraction. These treatments require long term use and are doubtful efficacy.

Celestite Spritz provides methods of improving the appearance of sun damaged skin and/or aged skin. Specifically, it provides methods of treating skin using compositions that include strontium divalent ions.

The entry of calcium into cells via voltage dependent channels regulates muscle contraction and neuronal discharge.

Some divalent inorganic ions, such as barium and strontium, mimic the ability of calcium to pass through the voltage dependent calcium channels. Strontium (Sr) is located below Calcium in the Periodic Table of the Elements. Sr++ is a divalent cation that may also compete with Ca++ for binding to some receptors. This capacity of strontium ions maybe responsible for the analgesic effect of strontium, an effect taken advantage of in dentifrices, alleviation of skin sensory irritation and, taken orally, for arthritic pain. Calcium is thought to play a role in the pain process by regulating the release of the chemicals that nerve cells use to communicate, and strontium would compete with calcium, effectively hindering entrance of calcium into the nerve cell.

Strontium is taken orally to help with osteoporosis. This particular use has led to extensive toxicity studies and it has been found that even for long term use, toxicity is not a problem.

We have found that application of strontium ion in a suitable carrier, e.g. a distillate of orange flower petals (neroli floral water), within minutes of application changes the texture of photoaged skin, resulting in a more youthful complexion. The epidermal ridges are less pronounced, an effect that may be related to relaxation of erector muscles.

Application of a lotion containing strontium ion using as diluent distillate of orange petals and distilled water in equal volume, smoothed out the skin and increased skin turgidity within a few minutes. This effect lasted for about 4 hours.

This smoothing effect could be observed even when the strontium solution was applied over a layer of powder make-up.

The objective of this spritz is to provide a cosmetic treatment that improves the texture of skin, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and increasing the turgidity based upon the topical application to exposed or affected skin areas of at least one active agent, in association with a dermatologically acceptable carrier or vehicle. This invention is based upon the finding that strontium divalent ions in a suitable vehicle can have a smoothing effect upon skin.
  1. The use of Strontium taken orally to help with Osteoporosis has led to extensive toxicity studies and it has been found that even for long term use toxicity is not a problem.
Temporary wrinkle relaxer
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Temporary wrinkle relaxer
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